Bavaria: Komplettlösung Ace Ventura

Click Place Order; continue clicking Place Order until you are done with the web page. Answer the door when Vanella Sundae knocks. Talk with Vanella - you will be sent to the beginning of Bavaria.


Vanella escorts Ace to the Product room. Pick up the white Access card on the floor. Unlatch the window. Listen to Phatteus Lardus. Click on the door to follow Phatteus on his tour. In the Communications room, click on the panel to annoy Phatteus. Walk to the left to enter the Lab; the tour will continue. Follow Phatteus when he leaves. Follow Phatteus as he continues the tour through the Backstage. Follow Phatteus to the Cavern. Click on the animals to hear about them. Refuse Phatteus' offer and get carried off to the Guest Room. Click on the door to try and exit. Click on the window to exit to the ledges.

Climb up the vines to get to the roof. (Go left, climb limb past window. Keep climbing until you get to the satellite dish on top of the roof.) Use the coordinates on the paper from inventory on the Dish. Climb down to the ledges. (Go right, down the vine, then left twice.) Climb in the window to the product room. Click on the objects in the room to hear about them. Exit the product room through the doors. Walk to the head of the stairs. Click on the stairs to go down them. Pull the axe on the armor to open the secret bookcase door. Enter through the door. Go to Patch bay and click on it to see a close-up view. Solve the Patch Bay puzzle. (Work from left to right.) Exit back to the Communications room. Walk to the Lab; use Access card to enter.

Vanella captures Ace. Click on the mirror and Spike will free Ace. Walk past the cages and exit to Backstage. Go to the far right and click on the doorway to peek into the Cavern. Click on the Costume to put it on. Enter the Cavern in the Costume; the opera starts. Play the fight scene with Vanella. Defeat Vanella or be knocked out by Vanella. (You'll need to use the sandbag, and it helps if you're nice to Spike.) Pull the handle on stage right to open the cages. Play the Laser Dodge game; use the right and left arrows to move from column to column. Press the down arrow to hide behind the column. Press Enter to taunt Phatteus and get him to destroy the columns. Exit the Cavern with the animals.

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Ace Ventura

Ace Ventura
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  • Release: 06.12.1996

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