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First open the envelope and read the will, the code for the door is at the bottom. Be sure to include the dashes. Then push enter button. Open the gate. Grab the Monacle and you will fall down the stairs don't worry that the Twins take the Monacle, you will get it back later. Listen to Salty whenever he comes up, he will give you clues. Explore the Lobby. To the right of the furnace is a ladder, go up and get the CD. Put CD in empty holder to the left of the ladder, turn on fuel. Face furnace (boiler) and turn red wheel to the right and fill boiler. Push red button, when gauge read 7 pull red knob down. Go to the steps on the opposite side of the room and go down the left side. Pull the lever and hold it for a second or two.

Turn right twice and you will see the water wheel turning. This powers up the bridge to the Organ and the neon Muse light below you. Turn right and get coin. Put coin in Isadora's machine and listen to what she says. The grub means nothing. Just something wierd. Go up the ladder beside Isadora to the balcony. Click on the center of the door and solve the match-the-sounds puzzle. This changes with each game and is time consuming but not difficult. Go straight ahead to the Muse Machine and look it over. On the way back look at the back of the door to see the chart of what goes in the Muse Machine. Go to the Organ. Turn left and look and touch the Dog skeleton. Just something fun to do. Pull the lever beside the canal and a bridge comes up.

Go forward to the Organ. Look up at monkey. Read sheet music on Organ. Play notes from left to right WITH NO STOPS. You should hear some music. Go to the Tiki Gods guarding the door beside the stairs. They shoul laugh and let you into the Drum Room. Explore. Go through the door at the opposite end of the room into the T-shaped hall. Look over juke box. Turn left and go forward to end of hall. Turn left and touch sign with colors, it should start blinking, the number of blinks for each color will be important later. Look at the other picture opposite. Just wierd, not important as is the dripping sac thing at the other end of the hall. Now go to the other end of the hall. Turn right and touch the cat picture.

Remember the part of the guitar that you see there (this is called a notation clue). Click to open the door and watch the Salty sequence. Listen to what Salty says when he comes out. Go back to Drum Room to the masks and click on them for mask puzzle. The masks have to be in order from left to right. Each mask must have a characteristic of one next to it. Try the round face with big eyes at the left, then the next with big eyes, then the next with funny fangs, and so on. IMPORTANT: Make a note of the color of the background and the masks to use on the Juke Box. Use that on the Juke box and the needle falls through the record and drops the gear. Look down and open the grate and get the gear.

Go to the Clown pole which is at the top of the stairs and down the ladder. Turn left and click on the heart revealing the gears. Pull the bottom gear all the way down (it takes twice). Pull the left gear down twice. Insert the gear you have in the center. This will reverse the walkway right above you to let you in the upstairs hallway. Be sure to go to the CD to the right of Isadora and turn it over to get the number of the song to playfor Salty. Also be sure to turn left at the top of the stairs and look under Thurston's picture for another notation clue. Go upstairs. Turn left and listen to Thurston. Just fun stuff. Go to microwave looking thing and open it and look at another notation clue.

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