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Go to Victrola and set lever to the number of song on the CD you just looked at. Push button and Salty goes crazy. Go to the end of the hall and look into binoculars, just shows chasm. Turn left and turn board over and get first notation clue with music to play on the Organ. Write this down or push the PrintScreen button and go to Paint and paste and print. This is a pain, because you have to quit the game, but we found it the best way. Go to elevator and push button. Go in and turn left and push whatever lights up. Turn left and move lever to 1 (2 is where you are and the basement doesn't work yet). Attic you can go up and look but not enter. Exit elevator and go down the stairs, across to the ladder and up. Go to drum room, turn right, clidk on drum with face on it.

Turn left, go to drum machine, pull lever on left side. Pull all the buttons down and listen to the drum solos. When ready push red button and play Simon Says with drummer. Get maraca from drummer. Go to muse machine and insert maraca. Go to door in right side of t-shaped hall. Enter tapestry room, turn right. Click on tapestry. Enter room, and turn gears to show thone (eye under screen will be blinking). Go set in thone, push red button, make note of the alignment of letter and symbol. Go to door, turn right, click on tapestry, enter, align wheel of fortune with clue from throne. This sequence of symbols and letters will be applied to the Organ keyboard.

Starting from the left side of the keyboard, assign the letters and their corresponding symbols to the keys using both black and white keys. You will notice that there are two letters missing from the alphabet since there are only 24 keys. We found it best to make a chart of the keys with the alphabet right above them, or we'll E-Mail you our chart ( Look down, get mouse. Back out, turn right, go forward, turn left, go to cat tapestry, put mouse in bowl, but don't enter yet (this takes you to the chasm). Turn left, click on center tapestry to enter guitar book room, read guitar book, make notes on letters to tune guitar, look in three drawers below. Make note,or print the music notation clue in the center.

Remember the letter of the guitar string, but don't take it. Now for the Chasm. Go to the cat tapestry and click on it, go ahead into the Chasm. You will pass through a door. Turn right and go ahead 1 time. Turn left, go ahead twice, turn left, go ahead once. You will be facing the skull. Turn left and go ahead once, turn left, go ahead once to the bar. Open the right hand panel, click on the center and drag left. Get the bottle. turn left twice, go ahead once, turn right, go ahead once back to the skull. With the skull to your back, turn right, go ahead once, turn right, go ahead twice, turn left to the door. With your back to the door, go ahead once, turn right, go ahead once, turn left, go ahead to the skeleton.

Turn right and give bottle to skeleton, and get bone. Turn right, go ahead once, turn right, go ahead once, turn left, go ahead twice to the door. Open the door back to the tapestry room. Go to the garage door in the center of the upstairs hallway. Click on handle in middle and drag up. Give bone to dog. Explore. In the car is another notation clue. Go to the robot and click on him. Pick the car on the right, the slowest one. Right after you click on the starting lights hold down on the mouse button untill the race is over. May take several times. When you have won, listen to the robot. Turn right twice and go to the round tool shed left of the door. Click on handle and drag right. Look at the notation clue and draw it or print screen.

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