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Get spark plug. Look at notation clue in floorboard of car, and draw it. Go to muse machine and put in spark plug. Go back to garage, and get toothed wheel. Look down and enter hole. Face Skeleton, then turn right, go ahead once, turn right, go ahead once, turn left, go ahead twice to the door. Turn left and go ahead 1 time. Turn left, go ahead twice, turn left, go ahead once. You will be facing the skull. Look down, and click on the center of compartment. Put toothed wheel in empty spot. Here, since every game is different, you will have to experiment. The goal is to have all 12 holes showing pink. Our arrangement was 1, 3, 4, 2. The secrete is to add the total of pink dots on each wheel, and turn the top wheel untill all available pink dots are showing.

When you get the wheels aligned properly, look up, and click on the skull to enter the Dolly room. Explore. Go click on guitar case in the chair. She will tell you she needs a string. Go up the steps, enter the skull. Turn right, go ahead once, then turn left, go ahead one to the bar. Open the left hand or center panel, get string. Turn left twice, go ahead once, turn right, go ahead to the skull, enter skull. Give string to guitar. Tune the gutar using the tuning box on the left. Notice that the guitar head is bent down, so tune from bottom to top with the guide from the guitar book. Get the tuning fork. Go to the white door, and click in the middle. Go put it in the muse machine.

Go back to the Dolly room at the left end of the t-shaped hall. After you enter the door, turn right, and go to the ball machine. You must align the cups to get the ball the the bottom of the board. We found it best to turn the lower cups first to see which way they will turn. This is fairly easy, it only took us a couple of tries. Click on the ball and draw the notation clue. There are 2 notation clues on this sheet. The first one is for the jungle organ. The second one is missing the second note, this will be the letter of the unused guitar string in the left drawer in the guitar book room. Go to guitar picture tapestry, the first one to the right of the throne and click on it.

Using the clues from top of the stairs, microwave, and cat picture, drag correct pieces to center to build guitar. Pull up on toggle to watch movie. Turn right, open door and get vacuum tube. Since the twins take it from you, go back to the Dolly room, climb the stairs, enter the skull. Turn right, go ahead once, turn left, go ahead once, go ahead once over the bar. Turn left twice, go forward, open the chest marked time bomb, get the vacuum tube, back away, go ahead twice, turn right, go ahead once, turn right, go ahead to skull, enter skull. Put vacuum tube in muse machine. Go to the organ.

Build another keyboard chart below the first one, take the first symbol from the sheet music and place it and the letter on the second chart as indicated on the sheet music, then continue your alphabet from there, wraping around at the end of the keyboard back to the begining of the keyboard on the left. On ours we had to move up the keyboard to the right five notes counting both white and black keys. Using the chart from the tool shed, the right and left side will overlay. Using the notation clues fill in the blank spaces in the second row by matching the shaded boxes. In the first column add the first two rows of arrows to get the third row (if you have 4 arrows right in top box and 2 arrows left in the second box, the third box will be 2 arrows right).

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