Level 5: The lunatics' tower: Komplettlösung Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde

Level 5: The lunatics' tower

Quickly cross the room to avoid the highly aggressive lunatics. Take the ramp and use the handle to lower the cages, thereby clearing a path for yourself to the top of the tower.

Encounter with Burnwell

Burnwell is demanding to see Mr Hyde. All you need do is retrace your steps (back to Jekyll's office) in order to discover the secret laboratory and effect the transformation.

Level 9: Jekyll's office

At the back of the room, you will notice reddish smoke coming from beneath a cupboard. You need to position yourself on the right of the cupboard and push it (action button).

Hurry into the lab to carry out the transformation into Jekyll. Once transformed, you need to make your way back to the lunatics' tower.

Level 10: The Lecture theatre

No particular difficulties, except that the exit door is blocked by a piece of furniture. Shift it by striking it, and the path is clear!

Level 11: The kitchen

A fire has broken out, making visibility poor. You will be met by quite a few lunatics, who are just meat and drink to Hyde!

When you reach the canteen, you will be able to see that the original exit door is in flames and can no longer be reached.

To put out these flames, you need to use the barrel of water, which is hidden in a hitherto inaccessible part of the canteen.

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Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde

Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde

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