Level 20: The railway station: Komplettlösung Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde

Level 20: The railway station

Head straight for the control tower. Enter the tower by breaking a window and operate the lever (a cinematic sequence shows you the level exit door).

Level 21: The railway station (moving walkway)

Your timing will need to be very precise to complete this level. Before you do anything, begin by noting the comings and goings of the first two guards. When their backs are turned, get over the first moving walkway and use the first case you see to jump onto the quay (the noise made by your jump alerts the guards). Lie low and wait for the guards to recommence their patrols. Continue your route along the quayside as far as the sleeping guard. Wake him and kill him so that you can activate the levers (action button or a blow with a stick), which will have the effect of getting rid of the huge dog which has up until now been blocking the exit.

Don't rush your exit, for other guards are on patrol. Carefully continue on your route along the quay, using the high cases to avoid the attentions of the remaining foes.

Level 22: The docks, part two

You begin the level inside a case. Exit from the case, watching closely for the sniper patrolling the area. Make your way to the right in the middle of the high cases and activate the lever at the end of the quay. The footbridge providing access to the ship drops down.

Board the ship and activate a second lever in the wheelhouse (it opens up the ship's hold). Jump into the hold.

Level 23: The ship

Another 'furtive' level, discretion is a must here if you are to get the better of your enemies. Pass carefully behind the first guard at the lower level and take the first passageway on the left. At the end of this corridor, wait for the guard who will shortly be crossing your path. Kill him and pick up the key that he drops on the floor; it allows you to open all the cabins.

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Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde

Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde

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