Level 24: The docks, part three: Komplettlösung Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde

Inside the cabins, you can find items including a medikit and the key to the control room (the only door which you couldn't open!). Now use the key to the control room, cross it and exit via the lower door. This door leads to the strongroom. Approach the safe, whereupon it opens up automatically, setting off a trap (the room starts to fill up with water).

Moving quickly, you need to take the second part of the key from the chest, climb the stairs and use the potion in the little 'wash basin' to transform yourself into Hyde and open up the exit door (which remained locked until now).

Cross the corridor and take the first door on the left. Avoiding the robots, strike the valve in the centre of the room, which will blow open the level exit door.

Level 24: The docks, part three

You are on the pontoon again. Cross it and use the large cases on the right to jump over the high wall. Continue on your way along the quays, where you meet Burnwell, who is in a bad way. Nearby, there is a crane; scale the cases to reach its top, thereby releasing its mechanical arm. Go out along the mechanical arm, from where you can reach the window (you break it) on the wall opposite.

Level 25: The railway station, part two

Get down from the wall carefully (some cases cushion your fall). Board the small locomotive at the centre of the level and activate the lever to set it in motion, which enables you to pass through a tangle of barbed wire and machine guns.

Level 26: The Maharajah

A tricky one! You need to use the case in the centre to unbalance the maharajah when his nacelle is in the high position. It should be noted that when Hyde has a case in his hands, he is as good as invincible.

Level 27: The train

One piece of advice: go straight ahead. Get the key from the first wagon that you can enter. At the end of the level, you will find a basin to aid your transformation into Hyde so that you can continue your progress towards the next level.

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Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde

Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde

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