Level 38: The cemetery, part two: Komplettlösung Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde

Level 38: The cemetery, part two

You have to find the tomb of Stevenson, defeat the vampire guarding the entrance, open the grill with the key and enter (as you walk, the ground gives way…loading).

Level 39: Cemetery route

At the entrance, there is a kind of font which allows you to make the change into Hyde. The level is a platform route without any particular traps.

Level 40: The corridors

The corridors in fact connect four key rooms, the larder, the lab/library, the worship room and lastly the central room. In the larder, the lab/library and the worship room, you need to destroy the pillar in the highest part of the level. Having done this, you can collect the great book from the worship room (it's the level where there is a huge stone vampire head).

Lastly, in order to reach the top, you need to return to the central room and use the pillars which have slid here from the other rooms.

Level 41: The central room

It is here that Jekyll's quest reaches its conclusion. Dracula awaits you above...

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Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde

Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde

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