Level 6: Komplettlösung Sheep, Dog 'n' Wolf

Level 6

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  • Get the elastic out of the 1st mailbox
  • Attach the elastic to the two trees and launch yourself onto the other riverbank, close to the 2nd mailbox
  • Open the 2nd mailbox and collect the fan
  • Use the raft to go over to the other bank, like when you went to the 2nd mailbox (use the fan to drive the raft)
  • Cross through the area with the bull without making any noise, until you reach the tree at the edge of the precipice
  • Attach the elastic to the tree, make enough noise to wake the bull: he will begin to chase after Ralph
  • Jump over the edge at just the right moment so that the bull falls off the precipice
  • Now that you are rid of the bull, collect the bush
  • Use the raft to come back and go to Sam's area
  • Use the bush to reach the switch without attracting attention
  • Get the lettuce that are up off the ground
  • Place the lettuces on the ground in order to have the time to reach the mobile platform (up high) and so that the sheep activates it by pushing on the switch
  • Once on the other side, attach the elastic and jump out over the edge to catch the sheep using a lettuce
  • Put the sheep on the 2nd raft and make sure it is carried off by the current
  • Successively activate each of the switches (along the raised path) to the 3 gates so that the raft (with the sheep) can go through
  • Go to the starting point with the sheep and use the elastic to launch yourself towards the platform where the bull is waiting, so that you can reach the catapult
  • Adjust the catapult (cursor in the middle) so as to launch the sheep into the Goal
  • Once the sheep is in the Goal, launch yourself over there as well

Level 7

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  • Collect the magic flute from the 1st mailbox
  • Go play the flute for Sam. This time, however, he is not hypnotized because he is wearing earplugs. The player is automatically sent back to the starting point
  • Follow Sam closely as he does his rounds and hide behind the cubic rock when he turns around
  • Collect the sheep from Sam's area
  • Get through the 1st line of mines without setting them off
  • Deactivate all the following mines so as to get through the path while carrying the sheep
  • Put the sheep on the bottom seesaw
  • Climb the platforms along the cliff
  • Collect all the lettuces
  • Make a path of lettuce on the upper seesaw
  • Heave a rock onto the lower seesaw and toss the sheep onto the upper seesaw, then quickly jump onto this upper seesaw in order to create a counterweight and keep the sheep from falling
  • Take the sheep and slide down the icy slope
  • Use the catapult to toss the sheep into the Goal
  • Launch yourself into the Goal

Level 8

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  • Roll the snowball so that it gets big enough to help the player reach the high platform where he will find the mailbox
  • Take the sheep costume found inside this mailbox
  • Open the other mailbox (the one on the ground) and take the mine detector
  • Go into the ice maze
  • Deactivate the mine in order to collect it
  • Place the mine against the transparent wall of ice and push the block of ice over it in order to tear down this wall
  • The other walls of ice must also be torn down by collecting all the mines and always using the same block of ice
  • Push the block of ice against the switch to keep the gate open so as to get out of the maze
  • Go back at the starting point
  • Use the detector to safely cross the mine field
  • Once in Sam's area, use the sheep costume
  • Lure a sheep out of Sam's area without drawing his attention
  • Carry the sheep to the starting point by crossing back through the mine field (this time Ralph retraces his steps in order to avoid the mines)
  • Go into the cave (a sign marks the entrance)
  • Put the sheep on the 1st block of ice and push it against the wall of ice
  • Push the other block of ice against the same ice wall
  • Take the sheep and go into the other part of the cave
  • Put the sheep against the gate and walk through to the other side
  • Dress up as a sheep, stand on the switch and call the sheep by bleating
  • Once in the next room, roll the rock against the switch on the left and position the sheep on the switch on the right
  • Now that the gate is open, push the rock at the back towards the sheep
  • Put the sheep on this rock and push it again towards the Goal. Careful! You have to stand on the switch where the sheep was in order to get him through the 2 gates as well
  • Collect the sheep and put it in the Goal

Level 9

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  • Have a geyser suck you down to get over to the 2nd island
  • Using a geyser, reach the upper platform
  • Cross through the line of suction geysers to reach the mailbox
  • Collect the umbrella from the mailbox
  • Follow the line of suction geysers (using the umbrella) in order to skirt around the island and reach Sam's area
  • Find the geyser that provides access to the sheep's area
  • Collect a sheep and exit this area by passing through the right geyser
  • Take the hair dryer from the 2nd mailbox
  • Jump into the ditch by the crane while carrying the sheep; Ralph and the sheep are transformed into an ice cube. I fish them out with my crane.
  • Get out of the ice cube (action button)
  • Use the hair dryer on the ice cube in order to free the sheep
  • Collect the lettuces
  • Walk towards the Goal area while making a trail of lettuces along the blowing geysers
  • As the sheep eats its way along the path of lettuces, you have to push the rock onto the blowing geysers to make sure that the sheep is not tossed into the air (if a suction geyser is stopped up, the blowing geyser across from it becomes inactive). Now, all you have to do is follow the sheep and put it in the Goal.

Level 10

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  • Collect the chronometer and the seed released by the 1st mailbox, as well as the lettuces
  • Travel back into the past (using the chronometer) to plant the seed in the square of fertile land
  • Return to the present and climb the giant tree so that you can jump on the seesaw and cross to the other side of the pond
  • Once you're close to the 4 rocks, go back into the past
  • To get rid of the dragon, all you have to do is lure it into the time machine and send it into the present
  • Return to the present with the dragon (Sam will automatically take care of it)
  • Travel into the past and position the 4 rocks so that, in the present, Ralph can catch a sheep by hiding behind them
  • Return to the present and catch a sheep by using the rock path
  • Further along, put the sheep on the seesaw
  • Swim to the platform across the pond (not the one with the bull)
  • Once you've reached the platform, go back into the past
  • Collect the seed
  • Lure Gossamer into the time machine to bring him into the present
  • Once back in the present, draw Gossamer towards the bull. The bull will run around in circles, trying to catch him. Now, Ralph is rid of those 2 troublemakers
  • Climb onto the platform with the seesaw
  • Go back into the past
  • Plant the seed in the square of fertile land
  • Return to the present
  • Climb the tree in order to reach the platform (up high) where there is a rock
  • Push the rock onto the seesaw, this should toss the sheep into the Goal
  • Once the sheep has been ejected, all you need to do is join it and put it in the Goal

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Sheep, Dog 'n' Wolf

Sheep, Dog 'n' Wolf
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