Level 11: Komplettlösung Sheep, Dog 'n' Wolf

Level 11

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  • Collect the chronometer from the 1st mailbox
  • Go back into the past
  • Climb the ivy and cross over all the high platforms in order to reach the last one where there is a seed
  • Return to the starting point and put the seed on top of the square of fertile ground
  • Go into the present
  • Climb the tree to get to the high passageway
  • Open the 2nd mailbox
  • Go back into the past, climb the ivy wall in order to reach the high platform, where you have to push the rock
  • Let yourself down next to the rock and push it along the wall so that Ralph can climb onto the footbridge in front of the lava fall
  • Collect the seed that is on the platform on the other side of the footbridge
  • Go into the present and get the elastic in the same way you got the last seed
  • Swim over to the platform on the other side of the water and climb onto it
  • Go into the past and plant the seed in the square of fertile ground
  • Return to the present and climb the giant tree in order to reach the highest platform
  • Go into the past to collect the seed from the last platform and climb back onto the platform up above, using the ivy
  • Plant the seed in the square of fertile ground
  • Go into the past and climb the giant tree to access Sam's area
  • Pick up the lettuces
  • Go into the past to take the seed and move it to the other square of fertile ground, which is under the rock
  • Return to the present and climb the giant tree so as to arrive at the Goal
  • Pass through the cave and go towards the tree growing on the ledge
  • Tie the elastic to the tree on the ledge and take a lettuce
  • Jump over the ledge to get the sheep's attention, and grab it
  • Carry the sheep to the Goal

Level 12

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  • Climb all the platforms covered in mines
  • Pick up the elastic from the 1st mailbox
  • Climb the ivy to reach the high platform
  • Tie yourself to the 1st tree (using the elastic), then jump and grab hold of the ivy on the ground below (watch out for the crocodile)
  • Open the 2nd mailbox and then come back up
  • Deactivate the mine at the foot of the 2nd tree
  • Tie yourself to the 2nd tree (using the elastic), then jump in order to get the remote control
  • Put the mine on the only access point to the platform where there is a duck/rabbit sign: this is to get rid of Daffy when he comes to change the sign's position (Daffy does this in order to bother the player when he is disguised as Bugs Bunny)
  • Collect the robot
  • Eject it then, using the remote control, guide it so that it opens the 3rd mailbox
  • Collect the Bugs Bunny costume
  • Cross Sam's area, then climb the ivy in order to reach the Goal area
  • Tie yourself to the only tree on this platform
  • Order the robot to dig up a lettuce (which constitutes a wolf trap) in order to divert Sam's attention
  • At the same time (while still tied to the tree), jump over the edge and grab hold of the ivy path on the ground
  • Follow this path to collect the sheep which is waiting at the end
  • Bring the sheep into the Goal

Level 13

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  • Collect the pot of honey from the mailbox
  • Align the barrels (barrels bent) so that, by using the main barrel, you can fire into the hives just above Sam's area. This will bring all the bees to the same hive (if the bees chase after Ralph, all he has to do is jump into the castle moat and they will go away)
  • Throw the honey pot at Sam using the seesaw (the honey runs all over the ground under Sam's feet)
  • Using the main barrel, shoot at the last hive; the bees swarm out and chase after Sam, leaving Ralph free to collect a sheep
  • Go into the castle (to enter you have to activate the two switches by putting a sheep on one and Ralph on the other)
  • To beat Gossamer, you have to run around him in 'super-race' until he faints, thus giving Ralph the time to activate the gear mechanism. Once one of the mechanisms is activated, the crystal lights up a part of the game area and pushes Gossamer back. Keep working with the three mechanisms until Gossamer tries to leave the area and serves as a footbridge for Ralph and the sheep
  • Put the sheep into the Goal

Level 14

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  • Collect the magnet and the fishing rod from the 1st mailbox. In order to cross over to the other bank, you have to shoot the crocodile with the barrel
  • Open the gate by using the fishing rod and the magnet together; they let you grab hold of the cannonball and put it on the switch to the gate (use the fishing rod while standing on the high ledge)
  • Use the fishing rod and magnet to activate the mine protecting the lettuce and then collect the lettuce (the mine explodes when the magnet hits it)
  • Lure a sheep onto the switch on the ground so that it opens the next 2 gates (using the fishing rod and the lettuce)
  • Draw another sheep towards the lower gate (the one that just opened) then entice it into the following room using the same method
  • Get the sheep to cross the rickety footbridge (still with the same method)
  • Use the conveyor belt to bring up the sheep, and then put the sheep on the 2nd conveyor belt, making sure to put a head of lettuce on the right side of the belt. That way the sheep will raise this footbridge (on which Ralph must be standing of course)
  • Collect the remote control from the mailbox
  • Go back down to get the sheep, put it on the mobile platform in order to hoist it to the upper floor (first put a lettuce where the mobile platform stops in order to lure the sheep off the platform)
  • To bring up Ralph, put the robot on the conveyor belt and use the remote to program it
  • To collect the robot, use the fishing rod and the magnet
  • Go into the next room and put the robot on the conveyor belt so it can bring Ralph across and also fetch the sheep from the other end of the room
  • Put Ralph on the other conveyor belt in this room, and the robot on the mobile platform
  • Make the robot cross the room
  • Go into the next room and put the robot on the conveyor belt again
  • Put the sheep and Ralph on the mobile platform in this new room
  • Guiding both the robot and Ralph alternatively, cross the 3 mobile platforms by raising them to the same level (in order to jump from one to the next more easily)
  • Using the robot (on the highest platform), place the lowest platform in front of the switch
  • Move the robot to this mobile platform so that it can activate the switch (plan ahead by putting Ralph and the sheep on the last mobile platform that leads to the Goal area)
  • Once up above, put the sheep in the Goal

Level 15

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  • Open the 1st mailbox and take the ghost pump (the mailbox ejects another object that falls into the maze)
  • Cross the maze
  • While in the maze, collect the inflatable sheep from the 1st mailbox
  • While still in the maze, find the ghost costume released by the 2nd mailbox
  • When you reach the exit to the maze, you must remember (as the sign recommends) to put on the ghost costume before entering the area reserved for ghosts
  • Follow the ghosts' instructions and perform all the 'dance with the ghosts' challenges
  • Enter Sam's area
  • Get the remote control from the mailbox
  • Using the seesaw, eject the robot into Sam's area and have it pick up a lettuce to lure a sheep
  • Lead the sheep onto the mobile platform and raise the platform by putting Ralph on the switch connected to it
  • Once the sheep has been caught, leave Sam's area. Ralph will then be captured by the ghosts (this is inevitable)
  • Command the robot to free Ralph. The trick is to get the key that is in the room where Ralph is held prisoner
  • Collect the sheep on top of the monolith by putting the inflatable sheep behind the real one. All you have to do then is turn the monolith when the ghosts are looking elsewhere
  • Bring the sheep to the beginning of the level by using the mobile platform close to the ghosts. In order to cross, you have to make sure the robot has a lettuce in its hand and that it is on the platform with the sheep. Then put Ralph on the switch that will raise the platform
  • To get Ralph through, put him on the platform and use the robot to activate the switch
  • Collect the sheep and put it in the Goal

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Sheep, Dog 'n' Wolf

Sheep, Dog 'n' Wolf
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