Level 16: Komplettlösung Sheep, Dog 'n' Wolf

Level 16

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  • Open the 1st mailbox, which then releases the fan
  • To recuperate this fan, you have to get rid of the crocodile first by using the catapult to throw the rock sheep at it
  • Open the 2nd mailbox in order to have it release the mine detector. The detector's box falls into the pond where boxes are already floating amidst a group of piranhas
  • In order to get the box back, you have to put the rock sheep on the switch at the edge of this pond (this makes a mobile platform rise out of the water). Then, thanks to all the floating boxes, climb onto the box you want to recuperate and place it above the mobile platform by moving it with the fan
  • Once you have collected the box, use the catapult to eject it so that it breaks apart upon falling and lets you finally collect the mine detector
  • Open the 3rd mailbox to release the inflatable sheep
  • Collect the inflatable sheep that has fallen into the mine field by using the mine detector
  • There is a switch in the mine field that opens the gate to Sam's area; you have to put the rock sheep on this switch in order to keep the gate open
  • Go into Sam's area to collect a sheep; to do this, you must wait until Sam goes to the other end of the area. Then, put the inflatable sheep where the other two sheep are (before Sam takes them to the other end of the area). Afterwards, make a path of lettuces so that a sheep will go onto the mobile platform closest to the fence. When Sam comes back, wait until a sheep is on the mobile platform and then activate the switch to lift the sheep
  • Join the sheep using the same method (the mobile platforms move slowly enough to give Ralph enough time to jump aboard)
  • Put the sheep on the raft and use the fan to drive it to the other side of the island (towards the pirate ship)
  • Once on the wharf next to the boat, use the mine detector to find the gold coins
  • Use the gold coins to make a path from the inside of the cell to the gangway of the boat. This will help you get rid of Sam the Pirate by locking him in this cell
  • Climb aboard the boat, put the sheep in the cannon and shoot it into the sail, which serves as the Goal

Level 17

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  • Collect the remote control and the Martian pump that are next to Marvin
  • Put the Martian detector on the disc in the center of the spot where Marvin is standing
  • Capture the Martian who is there
  • Go into the anti-gravity area in order to trap the 4 Martians there. In order to catch the one in the black hole area, you have to fly over its platform so that Ralph's feet touch the ground
  • Go into the mazes to catch the other Martians
  • Once you have caught 10 Martians, go back to talk to Marvin

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Sheep, Dog 'n' Wolf

Sheep, Dog 'n' Wolf
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