Komplettlösung Conquest of the Longbow

Day 1

From outlaws camp, walk 4W to hill overlooking Watling Street. Talk to Little John. Wait here until you see a man chasing a woman. Go down and stop them. Shoot the man and save the woman.

The night, you'll have a dream and get a emerald heart.

Day 2

From Widow's place, walk 2S, 1W. Marian is being attacked here. Shoot the monk and save Marian. She'll give you a slipper.

Day 3

Go to overlook. Wait till beggar appears. Stop him and give him some money and take his clothes.

Go to town (in beggar disguise). Go to see the clobber. Give slipper to him. He'll give you a silver comb.

Day 4

Go to Willow and talk to Marian. Give silver comb to her. Show emerald heart to her.

Go to overlook. Shoot the guard and save the man.

Day 5

Go to overlook. Stop the monk. Accept his challenge and kill him with the quartstaff. Wear his clothes. There is a whistle and a pouch inside the clothes.

Go to swamp (in monk disguise). Blow whistle and get inside the boat (use boat). At the entrance, talk to guard. Give whistle and pouch to him. Answer his 3 riddles (check manual). Go inside. Go to refectory and talk to Prior. Go to NW corner to see the prisoner. Talk to Prior. When he has left, release the rope and free the jester. Go to SE corner, search the rack and get the hand scroll. Get globlet on Prior table, mess up the table and the Prior will walk away. Get the verse. Search the rack to find the hand scroll. Go to prison. Give verse to jester. Follow jester to the boat. Press the bottom left, top right and top left gargoyles to open the gate.

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Conquest of the Longbow

Conquest of the Longbow
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  • Plattformen: PC
  • Publisher: Sierra
  • Release: keine Angabe
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