Verteilung der möglichen Punkte

Here's a list of the points you can get in Sierra's epic Robin Hood: Conquests of the Longbow. This is one of the greatest adventure games of all time, and one of my favorites. It's not all that popular, but if you happen to find it in a clearance bin somewhere, don't pass it up. Anyway, if you need any help at all with this game, or need more information on one of the things listed below, I would love to help you. My e-mail address is

Thanks to Avi Machness and Alexandre Pinto for helping me in getting the entire 7325 points.


If used as a walkthrough, this will just confuse you. This is intended to be used for someone who's already beaten the game and is upset because they missed some points, so they can go back and check what they've missed. If you need hints, please send e-mail, I'd dearly love to help you.

Day 1

Punkte Aktion
50 Get horn from cave
50 Get coins from money pouch
10 Give money to Simon at Glade
100 Kill Sheriff's man and save peasant
50 Give money to peasant
260 pointcheck

Day 2

Punkte Aktion
100 Kill monk and save Marian
100 Get slipper after Marian leaves
460 pointcheck

Day 3

Punkte Aktion
100 Give beggar money and buy clothes
25 Give slipper to Lobb in town
25 Get silver comb from Lobb
610 pointcheck

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Conquest of the Longbow

Conquest of the Longbow
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