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For anyone who has played this difficult and confusing game, I have written this guide to help you through some of the tricky puzzles, of which there are many. At time of writing, I have found NO other complete guides on the web, so am going ahead and doing my own, because I found some aspects of the game REALLY frustrating, and would like to spare others from this heartache. However, if I can do it unaided, I reckon anyone can.

Also, this is not a true walkthrough, as many parts of the game can be done in any order, so I have made it more of a FAQ guide, with all the major troublespots (in my experience, at least) answered. Hope it helps!

Please note that I don't use many street names or room names, because the map was so confusing that I never knew what street I was in for half the time, so I have tried to describe them where possible, or used the names if obvious.


1. Shoot every Nondead at least once.

A lot of the important items are carried by the zombies, and as they all look the same, you should knock every single one down at least once and search them. They may hold vital items such as door tags, weapons and microcorders, which often contain passwords. If you are worried about ammo shortage, try doing a shooting spree just after saving, to see which ones you really need to shoot, then reload your game and be more choosy the next time.

2. Don't waste Ammo. This can be avoided in the following ways: Don't shoot Nondeads through open doors between separate areas, as the game will often not register them as targets, and all your ammo will miss. And don't waste any at all on the scuttling creatures (Extrudes), as it does not stop them, and you can always dodge their attacks by moving constantly. Try kicking them repeatedly ( it won't stop them, but you'll find it very therapeutic). You can actually nail them to the floor with the nail gun, but even this is temporary and they soon get loose. However, the purple ones are poisonous, so if you have something time consuming to do (like shooting a nondead) and a purple extrude is jabbing your butt, I would nail it pronto, somewhere out of harms way. The Piccolo gun is weak, but ammo for this is easily the most plentiful, so don't be afraid to be pretty free with this one. In fact, once you get into the Necropolis, you will start to find a lot more ammo, especially on the Nondeads, and you should find that you have lots to play with.

3. Try things out with each character

There are some weapons, tools and computers that only work for one character, so remember to try all three out in a situation that you are stuck on. Also, when examining objects or doors, often only one character will say something that gives you a clue about what to do with it.

4. Look out for that Magnifying Glass (MG)!

This annoying thing is the key to every puzzle, but it's sensitivity to where you are standing can be very erratic, especially when several options appear clumped together. Make sure you don't miss one by moving your character around a 'hot spot' constantly, to see if you may have missed a separate option.

5. Look in the vac-tubes even if you don't want to send anything. They often have items inside already, and the one outside the showers is where Ben Gunn sends your notes, so check it periodically

6. Run into every corner and every blind wall. The game has a habit of not showing you certain areas unless you push the character into an out of the way corner. For example, you may not see the lockers in the shower room, unless you run over the dead body and go behind the tiled partition. I also missed a couple of intersections in the corridors because the gap in the wall cannot be seen because of the camera angle.

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Martian Gothic

Martian Gothic

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