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Now for some other puzzles explained.

Q. What is all this information on the computers?

A. First of all, the Martian Mayhem game is your save system. Use them wisely, however each computer will provide 12 saves. Many of the computers have different functions, all relating to the area you are in, these are self-explanatory. Some information given is password protected, I will give you some of these, but I'm sorry I cannot remember which function they are all for, as the information gained is most often not vital to finishing the game:

  • Personal info on the three characters is unlocked by using the digits on each characters watch (after they all stop)
  • Talking to MOOD (as Kenzo) will result in a password for one of the restricted entries, I think it's on the computer behind the doors that Matlock exploded. The password is TRIDENT
  • Examine the bible from Deita Menz (the hanged woman). She is giving you a password, it is WORMWOOD

Q. Many doors are closed bulkheads, and they are all locked by computer, so how can I open them?

A. These doors can all be opened together by Kenzo, once he has found the MOOD Simureal room

Q. How do I open the tool shed in the Arboretum?

A. Use the hacksaw on the padlock.

Q. What are all theses herbs and lichen for?

A. Send them to Matlock. In the Med lab she can synthesise them into health boosts and antidotes. Search the arboretum thoroughly, many of the Nondeads in here have them. Don't miss the girl Nondead right at the back by the toolshed, she has four.

Q. What's that dead body in the showers for?

A. When Matlock finds a handprint activated computer after blowing open the locked door with explosives, send the hacksaw to someone (I used Kenzo) and have him cut the corpses hand off, which can be sent to Matlock, to use on the computer. Mmm, nice!

Q. What are the sunbeds for?

A. To recharge your bioscanners. Only Matlock seems to realise this...hence my tip that different characters should examine all items.

Q. What do I do with the ventilation fan in the arboretum back room?

A. You need the electric scrubbing brush for this (found in the showers). Take it into the fan room. Now you have a time limit, as the air in this room is not breathable. Use the computer to stop the fan, than walk up close, on the left, and you will be able to walk past it. Now clean the grill with the brush, return to the computer and restart the fan for fresh clean air. I don't actually know what effect this has on the game, as the only time you cannot breathe the bad air is in the room with the fan!

Q. What is the Mars Hopper for? I have a bicycle pump, but I can't pump it up!

A. This is only used when you are in the passageway to the MOOD chamber. See below

Q. I got the yellow tag to open the passageway to the MOOD room, but Kenzo won't go in it!

A. Thats because the wall of this passage is ripped open and the air is escaping. You need the respirator mask, the Mars hopper and bicycle pump to enter. Once inside, use the mask immediately. Now act fast! Use the hopper on the hole and then the pump on the hopper. It will inflate to fill the hole...how ingenious!

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Martian Gothic

Martian Gothic

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