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Q. How do you get into the Simureal room? I sat in the MOOD chair but the door in the virtual house won't open?

A. You need to use the silver bell with the stringed instrument by the door. The bell is found in a drawer in one of the early computer save rooms, and you need the desk drawer key to get it.

Q. What will MOOD say that is useful to me?

A. She's a real pain, this MOOD, a lot of her answers are less than useless! The main thing is that she will open some vital doors if you give her the password 'PARK LANE', which Ben Gunn sent you on a note. Do this with Kenzo, in fact there is not a lot of use sending the other two in, as MOOD does not like them 'cos they are not infomeshers.

Q. How do I open the box in the games room?

A. When Kenzo finds the hanging corpse, he will get some notes from the body. Examine the notes to discover the paperclip inside, and send this to Karne, who can use it to pick the lock. This will get you the checker.

Q. How do I blow open the damaged door in Matlocks section? It has a loose cable...

A. You need a few items for this. Matlock will find a flask in the nearby lab, and you need to use the computer and Chemical machine to fill it with Nitro Glycerine. Note that you cannot RUN whilst carrying this, so do not pick up the full flask until you are ready to do this task. However, if you take the flask to the loose cable, it cannot still be used. You will also need the oily rag (I think Karne finds this), so once you have that, take the flask to the cable, and attach it with the oily rag. Now you have to ignite it, for this you need...the lighter!. Once lit, make a mad dash out of there, and the door will now blow open

Q. What is the welder for?

A. This is found in the round chamber with the escape pod. Give it to Karne, and he can use it to open the locked door by his airlock that leads to Ben Bunn

Q. What can Ben Gunn do for me?

A. Not a lot. But he wants the pumice stone (found in one of the dorms). Give it to him and you will receive the red door tag. There's nothing to be gained by talking to him after this, with any of the characters, he will only advise you to check the vac tube that he sends notes to.

Q. Whats going on with that Martian singing sculpture?

A. This is in one of the rooms off Picadilly Circus. Make sure you come in here with two Martian rocks and the tuning fork .Use these rocks in the rock cutter in this room, and you will have three shaped rocks (there is one already done when you get here). You need a fourth rock, so use the computer and send the mini robot rover outside to fetch one. If you look at the note that has the rock drawing on it, someone has written 'C6' on it. This is the grid reference to send the rover to. When it returns it will have brought a rock!

Use all four rocks on the sculpture, and then use the tuning fork. The rock will now stop 'singing' which is good, because that noise causes damage to your health!

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Martian Gothic

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