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Q. Theres a medical room with mutated lab animals blocking the way, how do I get past?

A. Use the laser scalpel on them. By the way, don't touch them beforehand, they cause damage to you.

Q. Whats that fireplace in the Chinese room for?

A. This is a hologram! You can turn it off with the fireplace remote. Once switched off, you will find a door tag inside the fireplace

Q. How do I open the double doors in the passageway near Matlocks area?

A. These doors are opened by the computer in Judith Merrows room. The computer is voice activated, and only Karne can activate it. Bring him here and use the computer, he will automatically say the password. You can now unlock the double doors (they lead to the Kremlin)

Q. How do I open that locked door on Broadway that is past the double doors to the Kremlin?

A. Karne will be able to open this if you give him the laser scalpel, but only from one side. It only makes a shortcut, so you can leave this if you are prepared to run around a lot.

Q. Whats the Babybug for?

A. In the dorm with a Trimorph, you need to use the babybug to fish out an object that lies in a hole in the wall behind the Trimorph. Make sure Karne sends you the babybug remote and the magnetic checker. Stand anywhere in the room. Combine the checker with the babybug, and then use the babybug. Then use the remote. You can now guide the little critter into the hole where it will attract the item (this being the spectrometer) and bring it back to you. Ta-da!

Q. I did that, but the babybug will not pick up the object!

A. Did you open the babybug and put the checker inside? Because that is WRONG! Yes, I thought it was the solution, but it ain't, You have to select the checker in your inventory and then use it with the babybug to combine them. The checker will disappear forever from your inventory, and the the babybug will now be magnetized, although it appears exactly the same.

Q. What are the pass codes for the Kremlin hatches?

A. One is on a note in the drawer in Judith Merrow's room. You will need to examine the rug on the floor first to find a drawer key. The other is on a microcorder carried by a Nondead in the Kremlin. I'm not telling you the numbers, play the game!

Q. What is the spectrometer for?

A. Use it with the painting in the Kremlin Room. This will give you a light reading of the paintings colours, one of which is a password.

Q. Wheres the password for the gold door beside the vac-tubes in the Kremlin?

A. It's down in the Necropolis, in a storage box. This door leads to a storeroom stacked with ammo for all your weapons!

Q. I can't operate the dual switches in the grand room with the computers (Kremlin)

A. Yes, it's true, if you try and use two people to do this then they will die, as the switches are too close. But you CAN stay alive with another character in the room, standing back near the doors, and this is how it's done. Place one character by one of the switches, and arm the other with the Pop Gun...do you see where I'm going? There is no 'hotspot' on the floor that tells you where to stand, but if you take aim with the pop gun, and you are correctly positioned (its just a little forward, whilst in the view that shows you the double doors), there will be a new camera angle showing you both switches and the back of your character aiming at one...now, get the first character to flip the switch, switch characters IMMEDIATELY and fire the gun! Hopefully the game will ensure that you hit the switch (it did for me), and power will be restored.

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Martian Gothic

Martian Gothic

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