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Q. As Kenzo I found a long walkway with glass walls, but someone is shooting me! I can't see who it is, and they kill me.

A. You have to be at full health before this encounter, because you will take a few shots before you can act. Simply run straight into the walkway as far as you can, then once Kenzo has reacted to the first shots, aim your gun (any one) and take a blind shot straight ahead. With luck, you will hit the Nondead with the Dillinger who is responsible and he will drop his gun. Then you can finish him off in any way you choose. I found that one shot was enough to stop the gunshots, and I tried it several times, just make sure you are facing directly down the walkway. This Nondead also carries a health boost to make up for the damage he caused you.

Q. I used to be short of guns, but now I am starting to find lots of extra ones. What are they for?

A. Nothing. By the time I found the Dillinger dropped by the armed Nondead (see above) I already had three, so I left it. And there are several piccolos too. Just leave them once you have one each, they don't come with ammo inside.

Q. There is a transparent ghost Nondead in Airlock 5! What do I do?

A. Shoot him with the Psionara (Kenzo only) Don't do it before you need to though, because he will eventually get up again. Wait till you have been inside Dorm 4 for this. See below

Q. The door beside Dorm 4 won't open.

A. No, it is for exit only from inside. You can come through it later from inside by using the crank, but that's all. (It is the exit from the glass walled walkway)

Q. Where is the crank?

A. In the locker back by Airlock 5, which is locked, but you should have found a locker key for it in this area. Once inside, open the metal box first, the passcode is the digits from Kenzo's watch. Inside is the Psionara and ammo. By using the Psionara and loading it, you will free up an extra slot, which is handy. The crank is on the floor

Q. What is the drive belt from the exercise bike for?

A. Ah, yes, I had this for ages, before I got to use it. After Karne kills the Trimorph in the elevator shaft chamber, use the belt to make the elevator work. Note that if you step into the elevator, you will have gone past the 'hotspot' for using it, it is used on the platform just outside (another opportunity to get annoyed, there!)

Q. I'm in the Necropolis, but I can't explore, as my character says it is too dark

A. Use the lenses, and your character will be able to continue as normal. There is a pair each, as you will have to bring more than one person down here

Q. I found a crane! It doesn't work...

A. It needs power. You have to turn on the underground generator, which is back by the hut that contained the laptop computer. You can power up the generator with the monkey wrench. And while you're there, you can use the dead battery (from the storage box further inside the caverns) inside the small box on the generator to recharge it, which will allow you to use the laptop. Portable saves are now available! Only Karne will know how to charge the battery. You don't need the crane until after you have been in the graveyard. If you want you can use it to look inside the giant tomb now...

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Martian Gothic

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