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Q. What do I do with the Artifact?

A. That last Trimorph that appears invincible to your Flare gun is standing right in front of an obelisk, and you need to get behind it! If you send one of your characters down to the crane, you can bring a second one up close to the Trimorph. Make sure this one has the artifact. Keep him just out of sight of the monster, and get ready for some fast switching. Now switch to the first character and get him to act as live bait, by edging out of the crane cavern, just into the Trimorphs direct vision. As soon as it spots him, it starts to approach, so switch to character 2 as soon as the monster has taken a couple of steps. Character 2 can now nip in behind the Trimorph to the Obelisk where there is a 'hotspot' which is where you use the artifact. Very quicky place it in the niche, and run out of the way. Now quickly change back to the other character, and get them out of there. The Trimorph has a fairly long run up to this character, so with practice you will be able to pull it off. Once the Artifact is in the obelisk, the Trimorph will lose its invincibility, so you can now get Karne to shoot it. When it's dead, you will be able to take out the charged Chorus artifact.

Q. Whats the Altar used for?

A. Bring the charged chorus here, and place it on the altar. then get off the circcle immediately, as the altar will now emit a yellow glow that causes instant death. You need to do one more thing here...see below

Q. How do I open Dorm 4? The Green Number 4 tag does not work.

A. You have to use the tag on the glowing altar. Remember to hop on and off the altar beteween the yellow glows, or else you'll be history. Once the tag has been placed on it, it changes to the Arkham tag. Send this to Kenzo, he is the only one who can use this.

Q. How do I open the lockers in Dorm 4?

A. The two Pickman notes found earlier give the clues for this. Firstly, the living unit door is clour coded, and the Arkham dorm is all in Black and white. However there is a painting in the corner which should be used to give you the correct code.( The note tells you which colours to input, but you need to find out which shade of grey is which colour). I did it by guesswork, but try using the spectrometer on the painting, as in the Kremlin, you should be able to match up the numerical codes. Once the unit is opened, use the numerical code for yellow on the locker, and you will get the hourglass and the passcode for Airlock 5.

Q. What do I do with the hourglass?

A. First you have to fill it with sand. Go to Airlock 5 and kill the ghost with the Psionara (Kenzo only). The door code is found on a note in Dorm 4. Through this door is a graveyard, from which another ghost will rise. Listen to it's ravings about colours, etc (they are a clue), then kill it with the Psionara, and it will drop the sand, which you then put in the hourglass. You now need to take the hourglass to Dorm 4 and use it inside (anywhere). It will turn into the stone heart.

Q. What does Matlock do in the lab with the equipment and dead body?

A. Matlock is trying to make you all an antidote. You need a lot of items for this. This room contains a centrifuge, a microscope and a thermalizer. Use the three syringes from the Med lab, and send one to each person. Use the syringes to obtain three blood samples. Send these all back to Matlock and place them in the centrifuge, which already has one from Ben Gunn inside. You will next need a Trimporph Tissue sample, this is obtained by having Karne and his Flare gun shoot the Trimorph in the tunnel with hatches, as it will leave a blob on the floor after it dies!. Send Matlock to get it, the other two will not pick it up. Matlock will need to have the gloves to get it. You then use this in the microscope. Next you need to reassemble the corpse. Remember the invitation from Ben Gunn in Dorm 4? Go and see him and you will now find the kitchen door open, and poor old Ben on the floor in a bloody mess. You need to take his head off the plate (eeurghh..) and return with it to the lab, together with the stone heart and the sewing needle(found in a jar in the Chinese room). Combine all these with the corpse and it will come alive long enough to give you a real heart in return!. Now Matlock can take this, plus the scalpel and extra syringe all the way down to the underground crane. You need to send another character into the crane before she arrives, and operate the controls to lower a platform Leave them in it with the door closed, and let Matlock come up to the tomb. Put the heart inside the niche, then climb onto the platform. Now you can be lowred into the tomb for a nasty discovery. The tomb contains the giant monster (Queen Mab). Feeding her the heart has removed a giant protective covering, and now Matlock can use the scalpel and syringe to steal a bit of milk from her...yikes! Rush all the way back to the lab and put the milk in the centrifuge. Use the computer to operate all the equipment, and your three blood samples have now become antodotes! hooray, it's nearly time to get off this planet. Use one on Matlock, and send the others to the other two... Nearly done, now

Q. Now, can I blow something up with my explosives?

A. Yes. Send Karne to the huge circular vent that lies near the bottom of the lift (past the storage box) . There is a Trimorph here, but it's easy to kill with the flare gun. Go to the fissure in the wall. Make suer you have done everything else, or Karme will not place the explosives. (I had the alarm clock ready for this, but it was not used!). Once set, you have 5 minutes to get the hell off the planet...Good Luck!

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