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Well, once the explosives are set, you need to make a dash for the escape pod. Don't worry about Matlock and Kenzo, they go without your help, and will be waiting for you. Use as much ammo as you have left, and blast everything in your way. As you leave the vent, there is a shot of Queen Mab awakening and arising from the tomb! Don't waste time looking for her, it will take nearly the whole 5 minutes to get up to the escape pod. Once you get there, Matlock and Kenzo greet you, everyone is cured and they all leap into the escape pod, but there is one last hitch, hence the game's tag line..only two will leave. You have 60 seconds to complete one last mini-task, and thats yer lot. Don't expect any final battle, because there ain't one! I even re-played the end and went back to the tomb to see Queen Mab, but she's not there, it's empty. What a cop out!. Still, you've finished, so sit back and watch the least satisfying final FMV ever seen, must be all of 30 seconds long. Not much of a payoff for all that work, eh?

Thanks for reading my first FAQ! If you have any questions, email me at adrianatvirgin@yahoo.com, and i will try and help, but can't promise anything,as I only played this game through once

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Martian Gothic

Martian Gothic

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