Komplettlösung Haven - Call of the King

Fill up your shield energy and return to the platform next to the glowing round field. There is a fat guy here. Look for a mechanism. Load it up with your energy and use it. Aha, now that the mines are gone you should savely reach the second FEATHER. Return to the place where you found the blue shooting item. Pick it up again, cross the wooden bridge and turn right. There are lots of monsters, shoot them and you will find the next FEATHER. Jump up to get FEATHER no. 4. Jump over the four moving platforms and you will find the final FEATHER and the gong. Talon will come and you will be taken to a far away island.

4 - 7. Clouded Hill

I will tell you this right away: I hate this level.

Paragliding is no fun, you will see this soon. Talk to the person living on the hill. Then enter the paraglider. Your job seems simple: Fly through all the rings. Of course, it is no trouble if you miss some of them and since the path is pretty linear you will get most of them. Make sure not to miss any of the blue rings since these speed you up.

Okay, you are happy that you got to the end of the flight but then comes the landing. This is very, very tricky! Once you come near the landing field press the R1 button and keep it pressed. You will slow down and hopefully Haven will show his legs to make a good landing possible. Yes, you will crash several times, but it is possible to end this passage. Even I did that.

If you want to become mad, read on. If you just want to get through the game proceed at 4 - 9.

4 - 8. Clouded Hill - Runestone-Challenge (optional)

Aaaaaaaargh, this passage made me nearly break my controller. You want the RUNESTONE anyway? Then return to the gong and hit it once again. Enter the paraglider and have much fun!

Fly through the first 12 rings, then TURN RIGHT and skip the rings to your left (actually it is possible to get all rings here, you need to take the very shortest route, you need to practice). Fly high through the thin boulder passage. If you did well, you should reach the blue ring with your last reserves of speed. Pick up three more blue rings, then turn right, five green rings. Next is the very right blue ring at the bridge. Immediately turn left, through the ring. Turn right, get through the ring and turn left. The idea is to get both of them.

After several tries you will get the timing. You need to fly a sharp left curve, then it goes up. Two more blue rings (very important) and one green one (not too important). Now TURN RIGHT and fly a little away from the rings! Once most of them have left the radar turn around and look for the next green rings leading down. Fly there and while flying down press the break button! There is a sharp turn to the right, get past the crane (don't hit the rope!) then follow the route. If you pass the crane the most difficult part is over! Finally, land at the marked area (break before you land!). It took me about 100 tries, but I finally got the RUNESTONE. I got 63/70 rings.

REQUEST: If anybody has a better description of this passage, please mail it to me: lathander-tg@web.de.

4 - 9. Island of Heroes (5) Finding the Elder's house

The rest of this is a piece of cake. Just go near the aqueduct. You will find the elder's house here. Talk to the man before it.

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Haven - Call of the King

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