5. INTO SPACE: Komplettlösung Haven - Call of the King


5 - 1. Find Mount Firash

Okay, this passage is not difficult, it is simply very, very boring. Here is what you have to do. Look at your radar, fly to the yellow spot. Shoot all the flaks around it, then the big ship will loose its shield. Shoot it. Fly to the next yellow spot, shoot all the flaks and shoot the big ship. And so on. This will happen about 6-8 times. Yawn.

5 - 2. Into Firash Chasm

Jump over the lava. There are platforms all over, not too difficult. Isn't this a beautiful statue over there? I don't think you will guess what creature you will fight later on. Once inside the mountain make your way to the big lava hall. You see, it is very important to reach all the barrels if you want to get KEYS. So make your way through the hall to the big platform. Turn left and jump onto the platform with the three barrels. Right of them there is a barrel with spikes on it. Inside there is a KEY. Back to the main platform. Continue crossing this hall. In the next room jump to the platform.

You will not find KEYS in the next room unfortunately. There is a gate and there are three pillars. There is a symbol on the gate. You need to fill up your shild energy and load up the devices at the pillar. The sparks will lower the pillars. The sign on the door has to be the ground symbol of each pillar. If you did something wrong, simply hit the energy device. Now let's go:

First gate: 3 sparks left, 1 in the middle, 2 right.

Second gate: 1 spark left, 2 in the middle, 0 right.

Third gate: 2 sparks left, 0 in the middle, 1 right.

In the next few rooms you will eventually see a blinking barrel: Hit it and QUICKLY hit the only normal” barrel before it explodes. If you are fast enough you will receive the second KEY. You will only find several hearts. Take the elevator.

Wow - this room is huge. To the right you find the first FEATHER.

Use the purple barrel. Pick up the shooting item, then shoot the purple barrel on the other platform. Shoot it until your shild energy is full. Then load up one of the devices here, shoot the purple barrel again, then load up the second device. Use the device to reach the other platform and to get the second FEATHER.

Follow the path until you see some burning barrels. Left of the bridge there is a shield dragon. Use it to destroy the burning barrels. Cross the bridge, then turn LEFT. Pass the locked barrel, then turn right. There will be two fire barrels. Destroy the first one and the shield dragon will get over the gap. Let him destroy the burning barrel to get a KEY. Now use the purple barrel to get the FEATHER over the pot.

Then die.

Fetch the shield dragon again, cross the bridge and turn RIGHT this time. Lock him into the cage, step on it and you should be able to reach the FEATHER now.

Now proceed. To the left of the entrance to the big building you see some platforms with shield energy on them. On the last platform there is a shielded pot with the last FEATHER inside. Enter the building.

Use the elevator platforms to get up. There are four exits. Each of them leads to a CUBWHEEL.

First exit: You have to load up two devices. To get energy, hit the green Kreisel” spinning pot several times. It will shoot energy sparks. Collect them, then load up the devices. Load up your energy once more and let's play another round of Monkey ball. This passage is not difficult, carefully navigate through it and pick up the energy cells. Finally you will get the first WHEEL.

Now don't use the purple por right now, there is an unexplored passage to your left! You will find a KEY here. Use the purple pot now, then the other to get to the top bridge once again. Enter the building and choose another exit.

Second exit: A broken bridge, the CUBWHEEL is high above, not reachable. Proceed. You will enter a water area. Swim down, then turn left. You will find a lever, use it. Proceed, after a while you will arrive at a stairway leading to another lever. Push it, leave the room, go straight ahead and leave the water to push one third lever. Finally, the water level sinks. Pick up the CUBWHEEL, leave the room, go left. The shooting item should help you to get rid of all these flame barrels blocking the exit. Go to the central building.

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Haven - Call of the King

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