Komplettlösung Haven - Call of the King

Third exit: Here you will find the gong. Hit it and Talon will fly you to the next CUBWHEEL.

Fourth exit: Just a jump-and-run-passage. The CUBWHEEL is on the top platform. Destroy the blinking barrel, then jump to the dragon's skeleton in order to find a barrel containing the final KEY. Now go to the RUNESTONE you saw near the area where the cage was and get it!

Then return to the building and use the CUBWHEELS. Jump into the hole.

5 - 3. Firash lives!

Your job here is simple. Just jump up and hit the green barrel. Use the machine. Scroll with the left analog stick. If there are red arrows on the screen make them disappear by using the right analog stick. After a while it will automatically scroll back. There will be a cutscene and you will have a jetpack.

Fly through the cave and enter a big room. Finally! Another


The idea is simple: You have to hit the dragon's head with your water cannon six times. You will see on the radar where he appears. Fly there and shoot (shoot only when your target system is red). Then get out of its way. When the dragon stopps for a while it is another opportunity to hit him. The first three hits will be easy. Unfortunately it will not remain this way. I just experienced that the final hit is very, very difficult. This is because the targetting system is not that great. Be patient, you will finish this boss after a while.

5 - 4. Sylex Cells

Special Thanks to Michelle Ashworth (tilly_flop@hotmail.com) for mailing the walkthrough of this chapter to me.

Oh no! Something went terribly wrong! Haven is trapped in a cell but smashes the floor and escapes. His first job is to find his MAG BALL, which was taken from him when he was captured.

Run down the corridor jumping over pipes avoiding flame spurts. Smash pots for health. Jump over pipes avoiding force field and smash pots for health and catana. Jump up onto the platform and through the round door.

You enter a green room with floating platforms. Collect energy from the right and walk over to shielded pots. Stand in the middle and shield smash all three at the same time for 2 health and catana.

Collect more energy and drop down off the edge (avoiding the whirling blades below each platform). Run to the far end of the room where you will find a shield dragon pot. Smash it and use the shield to walk the shield dragon to the gap between the last platform and the wall. Run back over to where you entered the room using a platform going up and down. Fill up you shield again and then jump over to each floating platform to the far end of the room. At the last platform walk to the edge as if to jump over, but wait until it goes down and put on your shield. This will attract the shield dragon. Keep the shield on and the dragon will follow it up and go into a fire pot near the exit. Jump over to the fire pots and smash them to release the dragon. Exit through round door bringing the dragon with you.

You enter a room with a purple and grey plasma floor, large thistle shaped electricity things (difficult to describe but you'll know what I mean when you get there), and circular purple platforms with golden 'force fields'. These 'force fields' allow you to fly! Use the shield dragon to break the flame pot for the first KEY. Jump over to the first platform and you hover over it moving up and down. Make sure you are in the middle of the platform and just as you have started to go up move to the next platform. You should 'fly' across. If you don't get it quite right you may land on the plasma floor which will take a health but quickly jump onto the nearest platform and try again.

In the next room you have a pool surrounded by mines. Up above are three hanging platforms with plants, (you will be up there is just a bit). To the right are 2 acid pots and one pot that contains health. Swim round to smash the pot without setting off the acid pots. On the right there is a platform with 3 pots. Get into the middle and shield smash all 3. The shield pot contains the second KEY; the other two contain health and catana.

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