Komplettlösung Haven - Call of the King

The next room splits into two corridors. One is barred by blue lasers. The second has two moving red lasers and a force field. The pot on right contains health. The trick with the red lasers is to wait until the laser that comes really close is moving towards you, jump over before the force field, run under it and you should be able to run to the left to avoid the second red laser. There is now a moving red laser wall. Follow it up the corridor and run to the right. Pots contain catana and health. Run to the lever on the wall. This removes the blue lasers. Go back down the corridor avoiding the red lasers and force field, and go up the previously barred corridor onto a circular lift.

After a nice short cutscene you find yourself in a large room with acid pots and mines so be careful. Directly in front of you is a robot pot. To the left behind two red tubes are 3 pots. The shield pot contains health and the other two health and catana. In front of these two pipes are another robot pot and another pot containing health. To the right of where you enter, behind another red tube are an acid pot and another pot containing health. The exit is to the right. There is also a power stick to the left of the exit which you should jump on for shield energy.

The next room is the platforms above the swimming room you were in before. Jump over to the second platform where you will find a glass shield pad. Once you become transparent jump over to the exit and run...

This next room contains electrical domes which zap you. Run across the room collecting energy to keep the shield working. You could now run up the ramp and through the next room with the glass shield or wait until the glass shield has run out and then stand by the closest energy until full.

The next room contains 3 guards (you need to kill them for the third KEY, wait until you have your mag ball), laser guns, nasty pots, including a robot pot, and flame vents. When you enter you are at the top of a ramp (to the right) with 5 pots to the left; 3 exploders, one health pot and one catana pot, and a column straight ahead.

If you have run in with the glass shield jump over the railings to the left of the column and run over to the left between the wall and a column. Then run diagonally over to the right (be careful as the pot in the middle is a robot), between the window and the column. Leave through the round exit.

If you have waited for the glass shield to wear off and have a full shield you could smash the pots before you jump over the railings and follow the same pathway as above, using the shield for protection and a weapon.

The next room is the prison room you escaped from at the beginning of the level. There are 7 green prison pods and laser guns on the wall. Each has a power stick. The floor has some grills across with purple plasma. Jump over these as they hurt. Go to the last pod on the left and power jump the power stick. This releases the energy which you gain and releases the pods force field (Use this process to open the other pods). Inside is the MAG BALL. The pod next to this contains a blue weapon and opposite this pod, up in the wall, is the exit. Use this to destroy the laser guns. You can then help yourself to the goodies (health and catana) in the remaining 4 pods. Your next job is to find 5 COGS. Make sure you have some shield energy before you exit through the corridor using the mag ball grind.

You now enter a huge room. There is a central column, platforms around the side and moving platforms connecting them together. On the left is a health pot and to the right is a fire dragon pot.

NOTE: If you don't get the clue with the shield dragon (I didn't), leave him in his pot. You don't need him in order to find all the KEYS.

Release the dragon by hitting the pot. You can now going to take the dragon on a little journey along the moving platforms. The trick is to move right to the edge of a platform and press O for the shield. As the platform moves the dragon will follow. But, sometimes it will turn into what looks like an 'energy ball'. When the platform cannot move any further, switch off the shield. This will leave the dragon hanging between platforms as an 'energy ball'. Jump over to the next platform and again stand as close to the edge as possible and turn on you shield. The dragon should be attracted to the shield. Repeat this as you go from platform to platform.

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Haven - Call of the King

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