Komplettlösung Haven - Call of the King

Work your way around the room. First across to the central column and then up and across to the wall. The first platform has a health pot to the left and exploding pots to the right. Destroy the pots to get at an energy spinner which can be hit to produce shield energy. Along to the second platform where there are 2 exploding pots and one acid pot. They are in front of a flame pot, which contains a yellow weapon power up (laser shot), and 2 pots containing health and catana. Use the yellow weapon to destroy the mines below to the left. This will make it easier when you get down there. You only get one weapon. It does not replenish so use is quickly and accurately. Go across to the middle (only bring the shield dragon if you need health and catana as the remaining flame pots only contain these) and down. The next platform has 2 flame pots containing catana. Go across to the next platform where there are more fire pots and a catana pot. Go across to the middle and up. The next platform has lots of mines to the left so jump over to the right. There is one pot containing catana. Go across to the next platform where there are 3 flame pots containing 2 health and one catana. The exit is the corridor to the left. If you are low on health you could go across to the middle and down to a platform where there is one shield pot and a flame pot, both containing health.

Exit along the mag ball grind corridor.

You land in a room with an electric grill floor and 5 electric globes from the ceiling. You need to run under each globe in turn. The globes start to spark and when all 5 are sparking the door on the far wall will open. You need to keep running on the electrical floor or you get zapped.

The next room is a green room containing columns and 3 guards. You need to kill all three for the fourth KEY. Exit through the next door.

The next room has a pathway of platforms. You should follow it round avoiding or destroying the nasty pots. There are two shield men to avoid or kill. At the end there are two pots containing health and catana.

Exit through mag ball grind corridor.

Turn right and walk over to the lever. This removes the red lasers from the door below. Drop down and enter.

This room is misty and full of nasty pots and big crates. Run through avoiding the pots and exit.

You now enter a red misty room with large columns. From where you enter turn right where there are 2 exploding pots and a health pot. Go back and round to the right. Around the corner are 4 pots, one exploding, one health, one catana and the KEY POT. Go back and round to the right where there is a line of exploding pots. Attack to remove. Around to the left are 3 steam vent - to avoid, and the first COGWHEEL. Behind the cog are a health pot and a catana pot. Continue round to the exit.

When you enter this room there is a circular flying force field platform and to the left is a large hall full of flying robots. Go UP to the next room. To the right are 2 acid pots to destroy, a health pot, a catana pot and another pot which when hit gives up a purple weapon (five-way shot). This supply of weapon is endless. To the left is a platform path. First use the purple weapon to destroy all the pots on the path. Then follow the path round to a gap. To the left is a round vat. The second COGWHEEL is in the middle. Jump over to the middle and then back again. Jump over to the nice pots on the platform by the exit. 2 pots contain health and catana.

Another pot contains a purple weapon which you can use to destroy any nasty pots in the way of you and the exit.

The next room is the ESCAPE POD hangar. The third COGWHEEL is here. Go back through the last room. Before you leave power up the purple weapon to attack the flying robots in the room below. (Don't bother trying to fire from up high as there is a force field in the way).

Enter the next room. Jump down and run to the left. Use the purple weapon to kill the flying robots. You can return up to the pot to replenish the purple weapon. There is also a blue weapon (rapid fire cannon) in the far right hand corner of the main hall. You need to kill all the flying robots for the fifth KEY (You now need to return to the red misty room where the KEY POT is for the RUNESTONE). Keep to the left of the room and go around the corner where you will find the fourth COGWHEEL and the exit.

This room is the ground level of the escape pod hanger. Straight ahead is a flashing pot. DO NOT HIT IT. To the left are wire pots and the fifth COGWHEEL. Jump over to collect it and then go to the control panel and press square. Follow the sequence of buttons to fuel the escape pod. As soon as this is complete the Auto destruct starts up and you have 60 seconds to escape.

Run back out, following the floor lights, and up the flying field, through the vat room to the shuttle to escape.

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Haven - Call of the King

Haven - Call of the King spieletipps meint: Neues Setting und eine frische Story. Haven entpuppt sich als actionreiches Abenteuer. Artikel lesen
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