6. EXARCO: Komplettlösung Haven - Call of the King

5 - 5. Fire Flight

Pilot the shuttle through falling and exploding space station debris. The debris falls in this order:

- Right

- Left

- Right

- Right

- Left

- Right


6 - 1. Exarco Crossing

This is mainly the same level principle as that one in the beginning of the game. You are at a train board cannon and you have to shoot enemies - just this time they are insects. The only difficult place in this area is when you encounter two giant Xenos simultanously. Try to dodge the rockts (this is rather difficult) or simply try to kill one of them immediately. This might save some trouble.

6 - 2. Hatching Grounds

Quickly enter the hovercraft-plane in the middle of the area. Exit the mountain ring and collect one of the eggs (fly over them, they are displayed on the radar. Return into the mountain ring and place the egg into one of the eight water basins. Repeat this seven times so that all eight basins are filled with eggs. Then immediately land your plane and run around to collect as many catana as possible. Collect them as long until the first purple points will appear on your radar. You will need at least 50 catana. Now quickly enter one of the cannons.

Shoot the two birds who want to steal the eggs. Then leave the cannon again and collect catana. Once the next wave appears enter the cannon. Now there will not be any time anymore to leave the cannon again. There are three kinds of attacks: The purple spots on your radar are the birds who want to steal the eggs. Take them out in time else you might loose your RUNESTONE. The second kind of attacks are waves of insects attacking your cannon. Just shoot them. Finally, late at night, some insects on the floor will appear. Take them out before they can destroy your cannon!

In order to receive a RUNESTONE, you have to protect all eggs for a whole night. That is not that difficult, you will manage to do that.

6 - 3. Cargo Defender

This episode is quite easy. You are on the train again. Your first objective is to protect the cargo. Sometimes the display of the number of the wagons will blink. If it does, watch out and quickly defeat the Xeno who will land on your cargo. The other enemies are all well-known from the first train episode. Big Xenos who shoot poison, little Xenos who fly around. As I say, this episode should not be too difficult.

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Haven - Call of the King

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