7. THE HOLY BELL: Komplettlösung Haven - Call of the King

Get through the labyrinth again, this time exit it through the regular exit. Pass the next room and pick up the light. In First-person find the two eyes left and right of the gate and blind them. The gate will open. The next gate is a little more difficult: One eye left, one above the gate, one to the right. If the gate does not open once you blinded the third eye simply blind the first one again. You have to be very fast. The third gate has one eye left of it and two above the gate. The fourth gate is difficult: Find a place where you can blind all four eyes. Then try so long until it works. You have to be very, very fast. Jump into the next room.

Don't waste too much time on killing the spiders. Just find the entrance to the center of the room.

6 - 5. The Xeno Queen


This battle is not difficult. Just move slowly to avoid running into the eggs. You have to hit the queen's back. Move around her and you will eventually have the chance to do so. The more often you hit her the more eggs will fall down. Move carefully and you should not take to much damage.

Hit her four times and the next episode will begin...

6 - 6. Escape from the Queen!

This episode is quite difficult. First advice: RUN! Once you enter water jump all the time to be faster.

Avoid the queen's shots at any cost! Once you are hit your controls will be confused making it quite difficult to move around in a controlled way.

It will take several tries but you will complete this episode since you have come that far!

6 - 7. Sun Surfer Rising

Another of these flying around episodes. The idea is simple: Shoot everything marked as a target. Once you have destroyed all the small fighters you will be able to damage the queen. Shoot her tails. Once one of them explodes you have to defeat some fighters again. This procedure will repeat several times. Finally you will be able to destroy the queen.


7 - 1. Search for Auria

Now it has become time to find this mountain from Haven's dreams. Unfortunately he needs some fuel. Simply shoot all enemies. There will be three waves, not too difficult.

Next wave: You now have to destroy three frighters. This can be tricky. You have to shoot all the cannons of a frighter. Once the last of them is destroyed you may proceed. Destroy all three and follow the purple arrow.

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