About this walkthrough: Komplettlösung Haven - Call of the King

About this walkthrough

This is my second walkthrough for www.gamefaqs.com. My first was for Icewind Dale II (under the name Mberg).

I know that this might not be a perfect walkthrough for this game. If you don't like it please give me some advice per e-mail about what to improve. My e-mail is lathander-tg@web.de. As you may see I am from Germany so my spelling could be bad sometimes since English is not my mother tongue. But I hope this will not create problems at all.

One word about the content of this file: I will post a complete walkthrough and I will try to post all the secrets (all locations of keys and runes). But for that I might need your help as well. I will post requests at the message board. Everybody who posts info will be quoted in this FAQ, of course.

And now: I hope this will help you to get through the game since some of the later levels are quite difficult and tricky. Enjoy this great game!


Prologue: Rock Fall

You have to get through a collapsing cave. There is nothing to worry about, just keep running and double-jump over the holes. Collect some of the Catana on the floor.


Ansicht vergrössern!
1 - 1. Virescent Village

It is your first job to find three COGWHEELS. But first turn right. Behind a rock you will find the first KEY. Destroy the barrel with an energy attack.

Recharge and take out the two guards. Go to the river and step on the plate before the bridge. You will be taken to the other side where you will find the first WHEEL.

Walk around and take out the guards. They have the second KEY. Near the town's well you find four red barrels and an energy barrel. Carefully destroy the red ones, then the energy barrel with an energy jump (it is a little difficult but manageable). KEY 3 is yours!

For the final two keys you need the shield dragon. Destroy the red barrels in town. One of these should look different: The flame at the opening is not constantly red, it changes the colour all the time. Inside is a shield dragon. Make sure that you have some shield energy left. Then press the shield button in order to make the dragon follow you. Guide him to the tree burning barrels. If you are near enough the dragon will destroy them - KEY 4.

Now take the dragon to the river canyon. There is a cage. Imprison him and get on the cage. You see the KEY flying in the air. Navigate the cage to the KEY and take it.

Now with you having all the KEYS return to the bridge. Stand under the energy field you used to cross the canyon, jump and press attack. You will now be taken to the other side again. Now walk past the houses, you will find another transport field. Use it to get to the locked barrel. Destroy it with a jumping attack and you will get the first RUNESTONE.

Return to town. Go to the well, turn left. You will see a strange mechanism. It must be filled with shield energy in order to make it working. Energy balls are placed around the hill nearby. Or simply jump into the lila barrel and jump out again (without making a huge jump which makes you loose all your energy again).

Once you have put 5 energy balls inside the machine it starts working. Use it to be taken to the second WHEEL.

Return to the well area and take the next path (left). You will find an area with a shooting artefact. But destroy the barrels here, first. They contain much nicer artefacts. Go to first-person-perspective and shoot all the barrels and mines on the other side off the valley. Once you have finished you should get the third WHEEL.

Return to the well area and take the last passage you did not use before. It leads to the mine. Inside, use the COGWHEELS in order to enable the lift. Enter it.

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