9. THE FINAL: Komplettlösung Haven - Call of the King

8 - 2. Finding Chess

Simply destroy three waves of ships.

Destroy the first wave. Now ships with shields will appear. They are invulnerable to your rockets. Now, did you notice that the asteroids here do have two different colors? Some of them are brown. You didn't notice? Well, I didn't either. Somebody had to tell me. You have to shoot the brown ones. They will explode and you will get special bombs with which you will be able to destroy the shieleded ships.

After destroying the two waves follow the red arrow. Don't waste your time on the ships attacking you.

8 - 3. Rescue Chess

One of the shortest episodes of the game. Simply follow the pink arrow.

Once you found Chess you simply have to take out the attacking ships. Destroy the ships down in the screen first because you will not be able to get them after a while. Very easy.


9 - 1. Finding Catana

Another space level. You should know by now what to do here. Destroy three waves of ships.

Next stop: The Communication Center. This one is huge. Destroy all ships around here to get the plasma rockets. Now fly to the Communtication Center and look for the core (yellow and red shining area). Shoot all your plasma rockets at the core. Once you have run out of them destroy the next wave of ships and repeat the procedure. After a while the Center will be destroyed.

Now simply follow the pink arrow.

9 - 2. Refinery Dropzone

Yaaaaaaaawn! You will never guess what kind of level this is. Okay, you know the procedure. Follow the yellow arrow, destroy the flaks. Then destroy one of these ships in order to get plasma rockets. Use the rockets to destroy the shield generator. There are three shield generators. Nothing to worry about.

9 - 3. Lavacore Wastes

Hooooray, some variety. This level is fun again. You have to collect five CUBWHEELS with your boat. They are marked as blue spots on your radar. The WHEELS are in rocket launchers. You have to ram them in order to get the WHEELS. Avoid the rockets. Sometimes you will be followed by a rocket, in order to get rid of that jump over rocks in the water.

Four CUBWHEELS are being found easily, the last WHEEL is a little tricky. You have to find a big ramp in the green area. There is catana on the ramp. Use it to reach a higher area. There you will find the last CUBWHEEL. Return to the lower area and go to the big green spot.

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