Komplettlösung Haven - Call of the King

The next passage is very difficult. Luckily it is very short as well. You have to race through a tunnel, you must avoid the bombs, you don't have to hit the walls too often and you have to drive over some special boulders in order to jump over gaps. This is very difficult, but I succeeded with my third try.

And finally: A Jump-and-run-passage. Just jump from platform to platform, then use the swimming platforms to reach the lift.

New jobs to complete: This one is a monkey ball passage. Yes, I like these. Follow the passage to a crossroad. Take the right passage first and push the button. Now choose the other way and push the other button. Enter the new path and follow the path.

After several nice and difficult passageways (good graphics here!) you will get to another big room with crossings. I choose the left passage all the time and soon reached a room with a locked door (the same as in the first room). Take the left and the right passage to push buttons and to open the door. If you go right you have to jump over a gap. Just be sure to be fast enough.

Thank you very much to the creators of the game for this monkey ball passage. It is very much fun. The passage which will await you after opening the door isn't. Hell, it really is no fun. Use all the speed-ups. You need them to get through. Good luck. I did this passage after about 30 tries.

The next area is much more fun again. You will eventually reach a room with a locked door again. Same procedure as the last time. You have to find the two switches and push them.

The door opens and another difficult passage will start. It is a little annoying, but not too difficult at all. Finally enter the lift.

9 - 4. Finding Vetch

NOTE: If you have collected all 12 RUNESTONES you are now able to travel to all the planets you visited so far. There you can find RUNETOWERS. But I do not know too much about that. See the next update - Mythril4 offered a RUNETOWER update to me.

After many interesting cutscenes Flying around again. Destroy the three waves of fighters, then choose Auria.


After the cutsenes you will have to fight Vetch. The strategy is quite simple. Just” press the correct buttons. But the difficulty level is that incredibly high, I did not defeat Vetch until now. Perhaps I will never do. But I think I guided you well to the end of this great game.

The Runetowers

... coming soon, I hope!

Special Thanks

Special thanks to Traveller Tales for developing this great game. It really deserves more attention than it actually gets. I did not often play a game with so much variety before. Thank you very much to you guys, you really know how to create a great jump-and-run.

Very special thanks to Michelle Ashworth (tilly_flop@hotmail.com) for sending her walkthrough of Sylex Cells to me. I just had to copy-and-paste it. And I adapted it a little. Thank you very much for telling me where to find the final key in the volcano level. I don't think I might have ever gotten the idea. Thank you for telling me where all the keys in Xeno Encounter are. And thank you for telling me where all the keys in Security Breach are (I would have found these on my own but never mind thank you very much).

Very special thanks as well to Gary Sliker (mithril4@hotmail.com) for offering a spellcheck to me and for offering to post the rune tower section into my walkthrough. This will save a lot of time. If there will be a Version 1.0, it is because of him!

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Haven - Call of the King

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