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1 - 2. Lift Ride

I will just write down where you can get hurt:

- left: Water

- left: Fire

- right: Water

- right: Fire

- left: Water

- right: Fire

- right. Water

- right: Big boulder

1 - 3. Virescent Mines

Get down. Kill the big monster near the lava waterfall to get the first KEY. In order to kill it get behind the monster.

Now walk along the lava river. You have to cross it using the platforms on the river. With some timing, this should be possible. Jump over the second river as well and carefully take out the red barrels around the WHEEL. Pick it up. Then explore the area with all the machines, it should not be a problem to find the second WHEEL.

You noticed the big platform always rising and sinking? Use it as an elevator and make your way to the green barrel. The last jump requires some timing, but it should not be that problem. Use the two COGWHEELS in order to make the cart operating. Jump into it and push the buttons displayed on the screen. Take your time and since there are only two different buttons you should soon get used to it.

Jump until you find a blinking barrel. Destroy it and the others. In one barrel there should be a shield dragon. Guide it to the very edge of the last platform (the right corner) and jump over the gap. Now go to the very edge of the platform you are standing now and use your shield. Hopefully the shield dragon will come to you. Use it to destroy the burning barrel. You will get KEY 2.

Now you have to pass two machines throwing boulders on your path. A good method avoiding being hit is that: Wait until the first machine stops. Then run.

Pick up the artefact. Now simply cross the room but watch out not to get into the light of the robot in the center of the room.

In the next passageway you will find more robots. This time just wait until they stop hitting around with their arms and pass them.

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In the next room take out all the guards on the floor. You get KEY 3. Now pick up the green artifact and quickly shoot the monsters with the shields to receive KEY 4. Now get around the big machine. On the other side there is a path to the reactor. In order to take it out simply hit all the four red energy cells in the corners.

A new path will appear. Take it to arrive in a cave. Take out the guards here and jump in the water in order to pass it faster.

You are in a big hall now. The bridge will collapse and you will have the opportunity to swim. It is a strange experience in this game since Haven wants to dive all the time. You have to use the X-button in order to get to the surface again.

On one of the platforms there is a strange mechanism. You need 5 energy units in order to make it working. Energy cells are on another platform. Go and fetch them. Once the mechanism works use it to get to the other side of the bridge.

NOTE: If you want to get the rune in this level, read on. If not, skip the next paragraphs.

A lightning bolt will block your path. Wait until it is gone, then move on. Look around and you will notice some barrels on the other side of the room. Jump onto the construction in the center of the room, then to the barrels. Use an energy jump to get the last KEY. Return to the place where the lightning bolts are. Now pick up five energy balls, pass the lightning bolt and jump to the central platform once more. Now turn left and you will see a construction which uses lightning bolts. Jump around the column to reach it. Once this item will operate you will be able to return to the side of the bridge where you came from.

Return to the room which was completely dark. Pick up a light artefact. You now have to find 5 RED FEATHERS. Two of them are in barrels in the dark room (make a jump attack to destroy them). Two are in the air (use the purple barrels to reach them). The last one is in the passageway you didn't explore so far (there are three exits in the dark room). This passage leads to some kind of bell. Hit it with square button.

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Haven - Call of the King

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