2. SAVING CHESS: Komplettlösung Haven - Call of the King

Now there is a little flying passage. Avoid all the floaating mines, they are deadly! Once the flight is over explore the platform and you will find the locked pot. Destroy it and you will find the second ARTEFACT! Congratulations! Fall into the lava and return to the area with the lightning bolt.

REGULAR WALKTHROUGH (continued): Pick up the shooting item and pass the lightning bolt. Turn right and shoot all the monsters. Then pass the tunnel.

In the next room quickly jump from pillar to pillar. Be fast since they will collapse! Jump into the hole on the top platform.

Ansicht vergrössern!
1 - 4. Seismech Force

Oh no, more action: Run through the tunnel. Don't stop or you will be buried under the lava. Double-Jump over the hot barrels. Don't worry: This passage looks more dangerous than it actually is. After several tries you will get through it only in order to fight a ...


Ooooh, this guy is huge! You are standing on one of the platforms in the lava. Seismech will have two attacks: First he will hit a platform and make it temporarily disappear. Then he will try to hit Haven. Then he will repeat the first attack, and so on. It is quite simple to avoid death. Just keep moving and collect some of the missle items. When he attacks you have to get behind the robot and shoot this blinking round spot at his back. If you hit there will be an explosion. In order to defeat him you have to hit him five times. You will manage to do this after several tries, believe me!

After the fight you have to leave the area. Get up some kind of a halfpipe. Watch where the crystal balls are and try to avoid them. The hearts on the way should prevent that you die.


2 - 1. Moonhauler Escape

Aaaah. Finally. I love these areas. You find yourself on a train using a big machine gun.

Soon the train will stop and you have to shoot two rocket launchers (one to the left, one to the right). You can only hit them when they shoot a missle. So hit them several times, then destroy the missle. It splits into many pieces, make sure to get all the pieces in a short time. You will get used to this kind of enemy soon.

Sometimes there are towers to the left or to the right. There are minethrowers on them. Take them out but don't forget to shoot the mines as well.

There are also some annoying fighters coming from the front. They shoot with electric shocks. Take them out immediately! This passage is not too long, you will pass it quite easily.

2 - 2. Darkwater Station


Another boss fight. First you have to take out the two rocket launchers. You have done that before. But then four rockets appear. They are your next target. You can - as usual - hit only the rocket which is marked. Watch the missles! The boss will start moving which makes it very hard to hit him. Be patient. Once the rockets are down you are able to hit the core. After some time it should explode and you win the fight. Hooray!

2 - 3. Darkwater Village

Ansicht vergrössern!

Oooooops, I fear we have caused some trouble. Your next job is it to collect five blue FEATHERS.

Okay, let's try to do this systimatically. First turn right. After a while you will find a couple of red barrels. Destroy them. In one barrel you will find the first FEATHER, in the other one there is a shield dragon. Leave it here for now. We will find a place to use it later on.

Nearby you will find some stairs leading to a house. There are more of these red barrels but you will also find a second FEATHER.

Go to the pier. There are some red barrels. In the last barrel there is a FEATHER. 3 down, 2 to go.

Near the wreck there is a house. On the balcony you will find an energy barrel with a KEY inside. Turn around and go to another house (there is a stairway which leads to a higher house.

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