Komplettlösung Haven - Call of the King

Now go to the frightened fisherman's house (it is this house on the island. Here you will find the last FEATHER.

NOTE: If you want to find keys, don't use the feathers right now. This would end the mission!

Still four keys to find. Difficult, huh? You remember the shield dragon? Take it to town. On the left the floor rises a little. Jump on that and behind a house you will find a burning barrel. KEY 2 is yours.

You can reach the other keys only by using the helipack.

Now go to the pier and hit the blue ballon. Talon will arrive and help you.

2 - 4. Darkwater Village - Extinguishing the flames

First fly around and find the KEYS. One is on the roof of the fisherman's house. One other you will find very high in the air on the roof of a house at the edge of the town (not the edge where the wreck is, the other side).

And, of course, the final KEY is on the roof of the town chief's house.

But how do you open the locked pot near the pier? Once you get the idea it is rather simple: Land next to the pot, fly up some meters and fall down right onto the pot. Try it out and it should break. The RUNESTONE of this passage is yours!

Once you got all the keys use the rest of your power to exercise extinguishing flames. Use the radar to locate them. Then aim for the flames and once your crosshair becomes red fire.

Your energy will not be enough for killing all the flames so die first. Once your energy is full again fly around and extinguish all the 38 flames. This is fun!

Ansicht vergrössern!
2 - 5. Darkwater Lake

This may be the easiest level of the game: Just cruise around and destroy the five structures. There are cubwheels inside. After that drive to the castle (the green spot on the radar.

2 - 6. Darkwater Lake - Jump and Run

This is a little tricky: You have to collect five red FEATHERS. Jump to the left platform, then to the center one (this one does not sink). Turn around and pick up the second FEATHER. Quickly jump back to the safe platform. Now the real fun begins: You have to get the final three FEATHERS in ony try. Watch how the platforms move, then make the four jumps necessary to reach the shore. Be patient, this passage is short. Now hit the red bell.

The next passage is a little annoying. You have to make the platform swing. This requires perfect timing. Walk to the left and before reaching the end of the platform press the attack button. Now walk to the right and press attack. Once the platform swings a little time your walks so that you will hit the wall at that moment when the platform reaches the lowest point. It will take a while until you get the timing but just don't break your controler. This passage is managable!

Enter Darkwater Castle!

2 - 7. Darkwater Castle

So this is the Overlord's castle. This is a strange place indeed...

Get through the first room and kill the flying guard (hit its head to get the first KEY. Now load up your shield energy and use it at the device next to the green barrel. Recharge your shield energy and use the device. Run through the room with all these cannons at the walls and collect shield energy in order to keep the shield up. Hurry through the next room and press the switch. Now return to the first room (there is a shield device right before the passageway with all the cannons.

Now take the other exit. You are in a passageway with many flames coming out of the floor. Make sure to check at every corner that the further way is safe. There are guards at two points. Only enter the passage when they do not see you!

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Haven - Call of the King

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