Komplettlösung Haven - Call of the King

You arrive in an interesting room. Use the purple ceiling to get on the other side. Push the red button, then run to the right exit. Here you find three barrels and a shooting item. Pick it up, jump on the button and hurry straight through the room. The forcefield will be activated soon so double-jump the last few meters. Now quickly shoot the three guards and the cannon above the passageway.

You arrive in the room with the generator towers. Here you have to do some pretty long jumps to reach the exit. Good luck!

Once you get through, take out the guard. Fill up your shield energy and use it at the device. Pick up some more shield energy. Then use the platforms to get to the next part of the room. A lightning bolt blocks your way. It will vanish for some moments after a while, hurry through it. Use the platform on the left to pass the mines and break the shielded barrel. If you need shield energy, hit the green spinning top. Now use the platform to get down. Jump to another platform and exit the room.

Careful here, it is hot. But no sweat, just a little timing to get through this room. Don't waste your time with the guard, concentrate on the path with all these fireballs flying around. Try to find out where the fireballs are landing and avoid them.

In the next room first turn left. Behind this fat ugly monster (I think it is invincible) there is a shielded barrel containing a KEY.

Now go to the platform with the lots of mines. There is an elevator platform behind. Use it and use the next one as well. Jump to the next room.

This one is actually easier than it looks. Don't touch the poisonous water, jump from platform to platform. If the water is gone you can use the ground as well. Take your time and you should be safe.

Now you are in a ventilation chamber. Jump on the rotating ventilation platforms and use the platforms at the wall to climb up. When you do so the second time it becomes more difficult: The barrels on the platforms are time bombs! Hurry up! An easy level will follow, then it is the final store. Hit the barrel on the very last platform and you will get a KEY.

Proceed, you will pass the locked barrel. Don't worry, you will find the last two KEYS very soon...

Fall down the next room. You will find a yellow barrel with a shooting item in it. If you want to get the last two KEYS you have to shoot all the guards in the next room. This is a lot of fun, believe me. Once you have done that collect the last two KEYS and use them with the locked barrel you saw before. Hoooooray!

Your next job is easy: If your shield energy is full, cross the giant room and load up the device behind the giant hall. Not enough engergy, huh? No problem. Return to the room where you found the shooting item. Press the red button and hurry upstairs. Enter the purple barrel and simply JUMP outside. You are full of energy now and now you can load up the device completely. Then step on the glowing plate.

Yeah! Super Monkey Ball! I love this passage. First follow the path and get used to the controls. Collect the energy cells, you need them in order to survive. When the path splits up turn right, it is easier. You will return to the main path after a while. Follow it down and you should fall into water eventually. Find the four COGWHEELS here! Two are on the botton of the water, the third one is in the next room on the surface. When you enter the room after that one turn left to see the last one. No sweat. Follow the path and you will enter the prison area of the castle.

2 - 8. Face the Overlord


Yes, another boss. I love them. But that you have to fight the Overlord that early in the game is strange... First of all: Hit all the machines filled with energy in order to destroy all the barriers. Once they are all down go to the Overlord. When he lowers his platform you are able to hit him. Do this four times. Gosh! The central barrier fell. Now there are red energy rays as well. First exit the inner area and check the devices which store the power supply of the barriers. Hit them all again. Then go to the Overlord and hit him when he is down. Do this twice. The next phase is easy. Jump on the new platforms and chase the Overlord. Try to hit him four times. The final phase: First check the devices outside the center. Then jump on the platforms again and chase the boss. But take care of the red energy rays. Hit him four times to finally finish him off!

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Haven - Call of the King

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