4. ISLAND OF HEROES: Komplettlösung Haven - Call of the King

3 - 4. Cutwater Ferry

Oh no, a pirate attack! Many people hate this mission. Actually, I love it.

Go straight ahead, collect some antidotes if you need them and enter the ship cannon.

The first two ships just shoot some bombs and torpedos. Piece of cake, just shoot the marked targets. The other two ships have some annoying big bombs, once you see them try to take them out at once.

After you defeated all four ships, immediately leave the cannon and run through the ship. Pick up as many antidotes as possible and use the cannon on the other side of the ship (where the red spot on your radar is).

At first, the Katamaran only shoots some water bombs. It is not too difficult to get rid of them. Take out the bomb launcher.

Now there are three floating bomb rocket launchers. Shoot the marked launchers, but don't forget getting rid of the bombs!

Once all three launchers are history, do the same on the other side of the ship and it will sink. This was not too difficult, was it?

Again, immediately leave the cannon and get through the ship. Pick up antidotes, you will need them! Once the next red spot appears, enter the cannon.

The hovercraft is big. First you have to take out the two torpedo lauchers in front of the ship. Since there is one on the left and one on the right side concentrate on one first. The torpedos are not a big problem since they are very slow.

After that three rocket launchers. Do the same thing you did at the katamaran.

The other side of the ship is a little more difficult: Mines are thrown at your cannon. To get rid of them simply shoot a little higher. Once all cannons are defeated the ship will sink.

Hurry through the ship and collect antidotes. Now you will face the last ship: The pirate's flaggship! The first phase is pretty usual: Two torpedo launchers, concentrate on one first. This time it is a little more difficult because the ship is moving around a lot.

Once this is done you should be able to hit the two cannons in front of the pirate's ship high above. Once they are no longer marked as targets concentrate on the side of the ship. There is pretty much to shoot here! Once you the ship is turning around concentrate on the two cannons in front of the ship again.

If you manage to take out a whole side of the ship you will notice several ships or planes will attack you. Find out where they will come for you and shoot them all.

Once both sides of the ship are completely destroyed the next phase of the battle will begin: To the upper rear of the ship there are four big rocket launchers, to the side there are two big doors which will open eventually. If they do, shoot at them. Many planes or ships will appear, destroy them all before they can damage your ship. The pirate's flaggship will turn around so long until you destroy all six targets.

If you do the final phase will begin: Destroy several water bombs until two targets will be marked: One to the left and one to the right. Destroy them and you will finally win this long and dangerous battle. This final fight is a piece of cake. Now the flaggship will finally sink. I had 22 antidotes left after this fight (I started with 79). Collect some of them if you want to or simply watch the ship sinking.

Congratulations! You have completed the most annoying level of the game according to some players (not me).


4 - 1. Island of Heroes (1) A race

The good news first: There are no KEYS on the island! This is great since it is very big. But the bad news is that there are two RUNESTONES on this island. And that it is very, very difficult to get them...

I think it is a good idea to take care of one of them first. Go to the island and take care of the fishes. Once you are on the island you will notice some places looking - strange. If you come near them a cannon will appear. Take it out immediately! Pass this fat guy. On your left you will soon see a strange machine. Use it! You will now cross the ocean. Your job is to avoid all obstacles. It is not that difficult.

After finishing this passage don't waste your time with these monsters. Hurry straight ahead and you will cross a bridge. There is an octopus in one of the holes, take care!

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