Komplettlösung Haven - Call of the King

By the way: If you find shielded barrels and you don't have shield energy just hit the devices nearby.

Finally, you will find a crane transporting a platform. Use it to get to the boatsman. Talk to him and jump on the boat to participate on the race.

Now your job is it to finish the race as third at least. Follow the purple line and pass all marked positions. The race takes three rounds. It will take several times, but it is not that difficult to finish it being third position.

Now, I promised you a RUNESTONE, didn't I? In order to get this stone finish the race being first. How to do this? Look for shortcuts. I found two of these. One is where pass the pier where you started on Hero's Island. The purple line goes around it but it is shorter to drive under it. The other one is where the boatsman is standing. If you use these shortcuts and if you don't make too many mistakes it is possible to get this RUNESTONE. Look at me: I did it after my second try.

Now return to the main island.

4 - 2. Island of Heroes (2) Cubwheels

Once you arrive at the main shore again it is time to collect some CUBWHEELS. The first one is straight ahead, a little to the left. Use the purple barrel, turn right and pick up the shooting item. Now shoot all the flying creatures here and pick up the next CUBWHEEL. Pick up a new shooting item and return to the place where you got the second WHEEL. Jump down to collect the third one, turn left and shoot the flying enemy and the mines. Pick up the fourth WHEEL. Hmmm - four down, one to go.

To the left of the machine you used to travel to the boat race you will see a passageway away from the island. Here you will find the last CUBWHEEL. Follow the path and after some easy jumps (one one bridge there are some piranhas, watch out!) you will reach the machine where you have to use the CUBWHEELS.

Now press the square-button and keep it pressed to get up. There are some obstacles, release the square-button to avoid them. It is not very difficult.

Once you are on the top of the mountain explore the area. You will find several hearts. Then go to the cave entrance and talk to the man. Enter the dungeon...

4 - 3. The Chamber of Destruction

Surprise: This is a complete level with many quests to solve. But there are no keys here, be happy.

Great, let's go. After a while you will arrive in a room with a fireplace. Exit it, but don't pick up the red FEATHER right now. Turn right instead, jump over the lava pit and push the button.

Ah, now get the FEATHER and exit the hole, thanks to the stairs this is possible.

In the next room jump onto the block. Now two new blocks will appear. The trick is that you have to jump only onto the blocks with the red symbol. If you did everything right you will arrive at the next exit. Just jump into the room and pick up the FEATHER.

I knew it! This had to be a trap! Quickly leave the room and use the purple transport material in order to cross the room from now on.

From the entrance take the right exit first. Jump through the room, you will automatically collect the final three FEATHERS. In the next room destroy the barrels. You will see the gong. But it is too high up, you can't reach it.

So what to do now? Do you see the four platforms with the symbols on them right before the gong? Step onto the upper left one, then the lower right one, then lower left and finally the upper right one (look at the symbols carefully: The first one has one line, the second two lines and so on). Hit the gong and Talon will appear.

Now return to the room where you found the second FEATHER. Take the right exit (the only one you didn't take so far) and you will arrive in the arrow labyrinth. I draw a map of this:











Simple, isn't it?

In the next room you need Talon (good that you fetched him already) to burn the fireplace. Jump to the exit and you will be in a passageway. To avoid the spiders falling down, approach them and once they fall down take a step back. Now wait until they are high enough so you can pass them.

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