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When the game starts, it's a good idea to choose the Tour rather than playing straight away. This will allow you to learn to use the interface and it will also familiarize you with the ship and how to move about it: you are going to do an awful lot of that.

The important thing is to remember to look carefully all around you by turning on the spot, and to interact with everything you can. You could miss something important if you failed to do this, and even when items are not pertinent to the game, they are still a visual treat. As the manual indicates, you can get lots of help from the Steward, the Elevator Operator and the Purser, as well as the character named Trask.

In order to keep this solution as brief as possible, I will take it for granted that you will talk to the Steward on the mechanics of the game, that you will consult the Elevator Operator whenever you need to go anywhere (just ask him for directions), that you will go to the Purser and find out where everyone is to be found (write a list of everyone's cabin, it will save you no end of time), and that you will take each item you find to Trask.

Talk to everyone you meet by clicking on every human figure you see. Use up every option. Sometimes you need to click on them again to talk some more. When choosing a given line is important, I will say so. This game is event-driven rather than time-driven, so take it leasurely: it's well worth investigating everything as you go along.

There is more than one way to go about solving certain problems, and this, in fact, makes the game more complicated than it need be; people keep sidetracking you, which is rather confusing, and it's all rather disjointed - the more so because you can do things in any order you like. Here, I will give you the most direct solution.

Certain details change every time you play the game - so if events don't take place exactly as I describe them, please try other strategies. For instance, some people seem to have a mind of their own and turn up in different places every time you play - so if you need to speak to someone and they are not there, don't panic. Go looking for them elsewhere.

I hope this solution will help: its main purpose is to give you a rough idea as to what to do. It's up to you how you do it. Oh, and, yes. Save your game often!


Explore the room and try everything. Ignore the landlady knocking at the door and demanding the rent. The most important thing is the desk, so leave that for last. When you do start examining it, read all the postcards (clicking on them turns them over), the notes in the drawer, and also click on the watch.

When you've finished with the desk, a bomb will drop on the house and there will be a short clip to watch before you turn up at your cabin in the Titanic.

Again, have a look around. Open the door when the Steward knocks and get all the info he can give you. You will also get a card from P.P. asking you to meet her at the electric camel. At the end of your conversation with the Stewart, get the bag from the bed. Find your watch near the basin and click on the drawer of the dresser to read the note.

Now turn to the trunk. Open the bag and click on the key to activate it. Next, drag the key over the trunk to open it. Click on the right to get at the gramophone. Put it together.

Click on the handle to get it going and listen to the message. Click on the drawer beneath to see other cylinders. Click OK to exit. Now click on the left of the open trunk and open one of the upper drawers, which contains an envelope.

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