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Click on it to open it and look at the map and read the report. Next, click on a drawer further down and examine the decoder machine. That's about it for now, you can leave the cabin for your appointment with P.P. Click on the map and then on the Great Staircase on B Deck. You will see the Steward here, if you need to consult him again.

Walk right around the stairs to find the Elevator Operator. He is a mine of information and you'll probably need to consult him quite often. Click on him and ask for directions. Click on More Locations until you find the gymnasium. Ask him about that and pay attention to his directions. Then click on A Deck to be taken there. On route, he will tell you about Georgia and her party on D Deck.

When you come out of the lift, walk around to the stairs but, before you go up, click on the guy standing there. Trask turns out to be an interesting individual; remember where he is because you'll be coming back to him quite often. At the end of the conversation, go up the stairs and, following the Elevator Operator's instructions, find the gymnasium.

Click on the girl to talk to her and receive her directives. Afterwards, look around; some of the machines can be used. Leave the gymnasium by going straight out onto the Boat Deck. Go aft and talk to Georgia; she will give you her necklace. Ask about Sasha. Head for the Wireless Room until you hear someone calling you.

The Wireless Room

At this point you could take a shortcut by ignoring him and going on to the Wireless Room. Attempt to enter it and Officer Morrow intercepts you. It is important that you choose the following lines when talking to him:

  • The sea appears calm.
  • It's a clear night, but dark.
  • What uproar?
  • You don't care for burocrats.
  • What war was that?
  • No wonder moonless nights make you jumpy.
  • Now, may I visit the wireless room?

After this, he will invite you to do so. Open the door, go in. Click on the table in front of you. Read all the telegrams - one of them is German and contains a number and a code (which changes everytime you play). You take this automatically with you.

Get back to your cabin, open the trunk with the key as before and click on the bottom drawer to reveal the decoder. Click on the two wires and flip the switch. Click on the number drums so that the code on the telegram appears on the bottom line. Next, click on the letters you see on the telegram, without any spaces if it specifies 1 word, and then press DECODER.

When you get the message, report to Penny Pringle (P.P.) at her cabin. However, it is much more fun to do it this way: Talk to the guy who called you, Seidelmann. Agree to go with him and you meet Zeitel and Haderlitz. Converse with them until they all go, then click on the table to the right to get Zeitel's pipe.

Examine the Cafe for a bit of fun. Leave and you'll meet Daisy Cashmore, who gives you a lot of info and asks a favour of you. Go upstairs and to the Smoking Room to meet Seidelmann, who will introduce you to Riviera. You can have a few games of Blackjack, if you like.

Leave and go to the Great Staircase in A Deck and talk to Trask. Show him the pipe; he suggests you to go to the Turkish Bath. Do so. Inside, click on the fountain, click on the spout and leave the water running. Go to the mirror and click on it. You get a message. Go to P.P., though you needn't talk to her if you don't want to, and go down the stairs all the way to the Turbine Room. Go in and go downstairs.

Have a look - there are some valves here that you can activate, but I am not sure if this has an effect on the Control Room or not. Just a thought. At any rate, you'll be coming back here later on in the game. Go back up the stairs and along to the Control Room. Enter it and attempt to enter the Engine Room. The seaman won't let you but he has trouble with the turbine.

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