How to get the painting: Komplettlösung Titanic

Offer to help. Look at the controls and exit (i.e., click on OK ) - talk to the seaman and ask for advice. He will show you the manual. Make a note of the instructions, exit, say you'll have another bash and, at the controls, follow the instructions exactly till you get the needle in the green zone. Now you can go through to the Engine Room. Have a good look around, because you'll be coming back, then go through to Boiler Rooms 1, 2 and 3, where you'll meet Vlad.

Talk to him and agree to help him. Go down the stairs behind him and examine Coal Shute 4 by clicking on it. Retrieve the book, move to Coal Shute 5 and hide the book by placing it in the box. Go up the stairs again and into the Engine Room; you can take a short cut up the stairs, to the right and up some more stairs, into the Scotland Road. Go to Barbicon in A-14.

Speak to him and get him to talk about Georgia. Finally, get the parcel and take it to Vlad, going to him the same way as before; the guy in the Control Room will let you through. As soon as Vlad is gone, go down the Stairs to Coal Shute 5 and retrieve the book. Incidentally, you can make friends with one of the men by talking to him and insulting him till you call him Landlubber; however, it is not essential to this solution.

Take the book to P.P. Talk to her. Go to the Purser. Say Thayer and offer to help him with the telegram. When you've done that, check the book in and inquire about the list of passengers. Find out where G.Q.C. hangs out. This is a good time to find out where everyone else lives, too.

Go to the Wireless Room and you'll meet P.P. who asks you to eavesdrop on Zeitel + Co. Go to A Deck and outside, walk aft and listen. Georgia should also be here, so talk to her again and note her request.

Now back to the Wireless Room. If you haven't entered it before, follow the instructions I give above. To send the telegram, do as follows: Click on the table. Read all the telegrams (if you haven't come before). The German one in code goes straight into your bag (no need to do anything about it, though you might like to see what it says).

Note what there is in front of you. There are two instruments to the left and two to the right, and another on the front. First, click on the two papers in the drawer to get the instructions - make a note of them. Start by clicking on the instrument on the top right hand side. Move the lever up to On (this is rather difficult, keep trying till the bulbs light up). Next, click on the top left hand side instrument and push the lever to the left, to Transmit.

Then click on the instrument on the bottom right hand side and turn the knob till the line hits 200 and the light flashes. Now you can click on the instrument on the front and simply type out the message you saw on the telegram.

Go to the Purser and tell him you've sent the telegram, then offer to go and tell Thayer. Instead, he goes himself - which gives you a chance to look at the Cargo Manifesto by the bell. Spot the name of Lemke + Buechner. Report to P.P. She sends you back to the Purser.

How to get the painting

Go to him, and this time he is preocupied with the cufflink Mr. Strauss lost. Again, offer to find it. We know Mr. Strauss was in the Reception Room at D Deck from what other people told us, so go there. You will meet Seidelmann - talk to him and ask him where Strauss was sitting. At the end, turn your back on the stairs and click on the left hand chair; then click on the cufflink twice.

You also get to talk to Zeitel in this room. Go back to the Purser and give him the cufflink. Offer to take it to Strauss and he will leave, pronto. Click on the key panel and take the key with the fancy keyring. Go to the Cargo Hold via A Deck and the Forecastle stairs.

When you try to get in, the seaman will first stop you and, when he sees the keys, will let you through. Advance three times and go through the door to the right.

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