How to get the real necklace: Komplettlösung Titanic

You will spot the car. Click on it to turn the lights on and look inside the box opposite. Take the painting. Report to P.P. yet again. She'll tell you to see the Steward, who has a message for you. Go to the Great Staircase in Deck B and talk to him. You might also meet Daisy; tell her what she wanted to know and you'll get yet another message. Go to the Purser and check in the painting.

Since this is important to this solution, go to the Smoking Room and talk to Charles. Now go to visit Georgia in her cabin. Charles comes in and you leave. Although not strictly necessary for this solution, you might as well go to see Conkling. Go to Scotland Road and keep going aft till you see him. Talk to him. Go to the Poop Deck for him. You should meet Georgia again - talk to her. Go on and meet the two Hackers.

Talk to them and go back to Conkling. When you've talked to him, go to Scotland Road, but this time go forward: on your way downstairs to the 3rd Class Cabins you'll meet Troutt. Go along with anything he says. Go to see the girl. Then go to the Smoking Room and talk to Charles. You find out about the necklace.

How to get the real necklace

Go to Sasha's cabin. As you enter his corridor, talk to the seaman you'll see. He is off to find a screwdriver. Click on the fuse panel on the wall at the back and throw over the switch marked A14. Turn around and, when you see Sasha leaving his cabin, throw the switch again. Go to his cabin and advance.

Click on the Russian doll. You have to solve a puzzle here. Clockwise and top to bottom, these are the numbers you need to line up.

  • 15: 5-3-2-5
  • 19: 4-7-3-5
  • 12: 3-0-1-8
  • 4: 0-1-1-2.

Click on the doll to get it open. Now you get the real necklace. Take it to the Purser.

How to get the notebook (almost)

Go to Deck D and find out how to get to the Squash Court. Go there. Haderlitz invites you to fence with him. Do so. I don't think it matters whether you win or lose, you still get the information - but I found that aiming just right off the center of his foil's guard did the trick. When he lounges left or right, he usually signals it clearly. At any rate, keep fencing till you've got his ring and he merely asks you for another match.

After the match, report to P.P. and then go to the Great Staircase in A Deck. You meet the Gore-Joneses with a message. Just go up the stairs and show the ring to Trask. Afterwards, go to P.P. and report. Go to Reception in D Deck and talk to Seidelmann. He tells you about Haderlitz's girl, who is to be found in cabin D 19.

Talk to her. Report to P.P. Go to the Turkish Bath and talk to the officer, asking him if you can investigate. Talk to the Steward. Go into the Turkish Bath and, from there, to the Electric Bath. Click on it and pick up the scrap of paper. Take it to Trask, talk to him and show him the scrap. With his insight, go to the Scotland Road, keep going aft till you catch a glimpse of the axe and rope on the wall.

Click on that and, as if on cue, Jack Hacker meets you and gives you another scrap of paper. Take it to Trask at his usual stand: you might meet the Gore-Joneses again. Don't neglect to show the scrap of paper to Trask. Go to the Parisian Cafe, search the tables and you will find a packet of cigarettes; take them to Trask and he tells you who they belong to. Go to the Smoking Room, find Seidelmann and give him the cigarettes.

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