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He gives you some important information in return. Armed with this info, go to the Boat Deck. Here you can take a little and unnecessary diversion by talking to the seaman by the bridge, on the other side of the Wireless Room. He tells you Officer Morrow has lost his binoculars. Go aft and up to the first platform and find the binoculars, then take them to Morrow. He will let you into the Bridge.

You can try to change course, but it won't do you any good. At the end, talk to Morrow again. There, that was nice, wasn't it? You might also meet Troutt who will give you a prayer card; this can be exchanged for a photo if you go to Burns at C-78. But, since it doesn't matter, why bother? And now for the real business.

Find a seaman (the guy in charge of the Cargo Hold) by lifeboats 9/10. Talk to him and ask him if you can climb the smokestack, but you wiill find you can only do that from the Engine Room.

OK, go to P.P. and talk to her, then go down the stairs to the Turbine Room. Just in case, go down the stairs and interfere with the valves once more. Up and through to the Control Room. Once more, you are asked to fix the turbine and, since you know what to do, you'll have no trouble. If you've forgotten, ask for advice again. When you've put matters right, you'll be able to go through to the Engine Room.

Go left when you have the opportunity, so that you can go up the smokestack. Unfortunately, Vlad is there and you get into a bit of a fight. It is not important whether you win or lose, but I found that alternating blows (cursor to the left or right of him) actually did the trick and I beat him. At the end, go up the stairs, all the way to the top. Walk around, keeping your eye on the center, till you spot the diary. Get it.

Guess what, you've got company. Zeitel comes waving a pistol and demanding the diary; stall him. There is a minor pause in your negotiations when the Titanic hits an iceberg. Never mind. Offer him the pen P.P. gave you. This stuns him and you are able to get down, where Vlad is waiting to knock you out cold. You wake up in your cabin. What you can hear is not your head throbbing but a knock at the door. Open it and P.P. will give you her next set of instructions.

At this point you might like to save your game so that you can try various angles: I will tell you how to complete the game quickly. Leave the cabin and turn right to go to the Great Staircase. Go up to A Deck and into the First Class Lounge. You meet with Haderlitz's girl, who gives you her shawl. Go in and talk to Trask. Do not talk to Zeitel!

Find your way out of here through the other door, and go to the Smoking Room. Save a new game, talk to Riviera and bet the real necklace against the boat pass. You'll probably win. You must; if you don't, reload and try again. Now go back to the First Class Lounge and, through there, to the Boat Deck. Don't talk to anybody. Going aft, you'll probably bump into the Gore-Joneses.

Ignore them. Go to the Second Class Stairs and keep going down (Do not talk to the Hackers!) till you get to the Turbine Room and then go down to the contraption with the valves.

You'll meet Vlad - talk to him. Persuade him to exchange the notebook for the shawl. Now go all the way up to the 2nd Class Staircase and find P.P., who is around here. Talk to her and then talk to the seaman next to her. Give him the boat pass. That's it. Sit back and enjoy the finale.

Smashing game, wasn't it, even with all the inconsistencies. For example, how did Vlad get hold of the fake necklace I was carrying in my bag? In this final section you can also get frightfully involved with everyone. For instance: you could talk to the Hackers and find out that Mrs. Conkling has stolen the baby, so they give you a letter you have to take up to her, collect the baby and take it to the Hackers.

You could talk to Zeitel and find out he's poisoned Georgia and he wants the map in exchange for the antidote - they you rush to cabin A-14 to save her, but later Zeitel will give you the map in exchange for the boat pass. But then, how will you leave the Titanic? Still, it's up to you; you might what to re-play the last section just for fun.

I have a suspicion that these posibilities, specially Zeitel, are there to stop you from completing the game successfully: but they are interesting anyway.

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