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In the main body of the game, if you fail to get the book or the painting, there is a whole alternative machinery in place; though not getting the book will certainly stop you from winning. If you want to try that for fun, you'll probably get heavily involved with the photographer at C-78; the Gore-Joneses tell you about him.

When you first visit him he wants to know where is his wife. Turn right and go along to the Grand Staircase; you'll see her there with her blue hat, click on her. Go back to C-78 to tell him and he will depart hurriedly, leaving the door open. Go in.

The Photos

Now, this is very tricky, so save your game. First, have a look around - you can open the wardrobes and enjoy looking at the couple's clothing. Look at the table and click on the piece of paper to the left. Read the instructions carefully. Turn the red lamp to the left to try it on. Don't touch anything else. Turn right around and walk to the door, turn left and click on the buttons. Turn right, and make your way to the table.

If it is too dark for you to see clearly, press . When you've advanced to the table, click on the red lamp. Now click on the first box and get the paper. Put it in the tray numbered 1 and count to 18 or 20 (the image should change slightly three times). Remove the photo, dragging it to tray 2. Count to 12 or 15 (it should change slightly twice), then click on it - it will automatically be hung to dry.

Because this is very tricky and you could easily spoil the photo, save each time you have succeeded. When all three are done, go back to the door and turn the light on. Go back to the photos and put them in the bag; click on each and then on the spying glass to see close ups. Then take them to P.P. In other words, once you've completed the game correctly, try goofing up, just to enjoy a different experience. It is such a pleasure to wander around such a magnificent ship.

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