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Trophäe Bedingung Trophäen-Art
Amazing! Complete 1 battle with all collections unlocked. Bronze
Aren't We Your Friends? Complete 1 battle with all characters unlocked. Bronze
Don't Be Scared Beat all episodes on HARD. Bronze
Don't Beg for Your Life Complete 1 battle in Soul Attack Mode. Bronze
I Wish You Luck Complete 1 mission. Bronze
I'll Be Okay Now Complete 10 missions. Bronze
I'll Take Care of It! Save 30,000 Soul Points for 1 character. Bronze
I'll Try! Beat 1 Story episode. Bronze
I'm Espada's Strongest! Max out 1 character's levels. Bronze
I've Completely Analyzed You Defeat every kind of enemy. Bronze
This is It for You! Beat all episodes on VERY HARD. Bronze
Want an Allowance? Obtain a total of 1,000,000 Soul Points. Bronze
What a Wonderful Power Beat all episodes. Bronze
Woohoo! Complete all missions. Bronze
Come at Me! Defeat over 350 enemies in Beat Attack. Silber
Hmph, Too Slow Finish Time Attack in less than 1 minute 30 seconds. Silber
I am the King! Complete all battles in Soul Attack Mode. Silber
I Was Waiting For This! Max out 10 characters' levels. Silber
Not Bad! Complete all missions on VERY HARD. Silber
Render All Things in the Universe to Ashes! Complete all missions with Rank S. Silber
You are Simply Outclassed Beat all episodes with Rank S. Silber
You're Pretty Good Obtain over 8,000 Soul Points in Soul Attack. Silber
Is That It? Complete all missions with all characters. Gold
Now Do You Understand? Max out all characters' levels. Gold

Geheime Trophäen:

Trophäe Bedingung Trophäen-Art
All of Heaven is Under My Command! Stay airborne for 30 seconds. Bronze
Amor! Complete 1 battle after playing over 50 hours. Bronze
Come On! Defeat 10,000 Soul Reapers. Bronze
Cough! Cough! Complete 1 battle while near death. Bronze
Devour, Glotoneria! Defeat 33,650 Hollows. Bronze
Did You Read This Week's Jump? Jump 100 times in 1 battle. Bronze
Hueco Mundo is a Treasure Trove! Defeat 10,000 Arrancars. Bronze
I Can Fire 1200 Perform a 1,000 Slash combo. Bronze
I'll Kick Your Butt! Complete 1 battle with a final body count of 69. Bronze
More! More! Obtain 1,000 items. Bronze
Mornin' Ichigo! Defeat a boss using a dash charge. Bronze
No Need to Thank Me Watch the credits once without skipping. Bronze
Que Suerte! Complete 1 battle with identical Soul Point digits. Bronze
Raaaaagh! Power up 300 times. Bronze
Snap Out of It, Baldy! Air Recover 30 times in 1 battle. Bronze
Stand Behind Me! Destroy 10,000 environmental objects. Bronze
The Shark Will Destroy You Use your Ignition Attack 5 times in 1 battle. Bronze
Then What is Justice?! Complete 1 battle without destroying any objects. Bronze
This is Art! Perform a 2,000 Slash combo. Bronze
Victory! Defeat a boss using an Ignition Attack. Bronze
What a Pain in the Ass Defeat 300 enemies in 1 battle. Bronze
What...?! See the Game Over screen 20 times. Bronze
You Can't Read My Movements Perform 100 Counters. Bronze
You Got Weird Tastes Watch the opening movie 3 times without skipping. Bronze
You Think You Can Catch Me? Complete 1 battle without taking damage. Bronze
Your Spiritual Power is Mine Complete 1 battle without using Spirit Pressure attacks. Bronze

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Bleach - Soul Resurreccion

Bleach - Soul Resurreccion

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