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Lady in the Sky with Ducky Return a totally sweet alien to the stars
Decoyception Have enemies chasing other enemies chasing you
Subconscious Experience Read Harry's mind while he's passed out
Crew of the Dead Read the minds of the ambulance personnel
Love is Blind Read the minds of an unexpected couple
Food for Thought Read the mind of an eaten fish
Careful What You Wish For Read the mind of a lonely cat
Eureka! Give poor Ron the perfect idea for a date
Dangerous Work Mind-read the recently departed
Unnatural Talent Read Luigi's mind while he's singing
Out of His Mind Read Ray's mind
Drowned Skeletons Read the minds of the drowned skeletons
Conga Line! Get chased by 5 enemies at the same time
Tower Offense Climb the asylum tower without alerting any nurses
The Bird in the Sky Never get noticed by the helicopter
A Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste Read the minds of everyone ever

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Stick it to The Man
Stick it to the Man
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