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Playing "Fast Full Burst"

I want to share the knowledge and experiences that I have made since the Rev2 (Disc version) was released. This has been inspired by a Video that I have seen from "Prov Drummer" (a real master of RE games) playing a "Full Burst" Magnum with Albert Wesker's "Evade Cancel" ability. I have tried it out and with my Co-Op partner "Demurer19" and it seems to work great.


Many of the things that I will write about can be read or seen elsewhere. Some people that I have met online know and use this technique, but many do not. Many players ask me for advice as they want to improve their ability to rank higher in the events. This is for those who want to know about the technique and assist in evolving it to the next level. Thanks to "IB O IR ID O" for translating as I am not a native speaker of the English language.

I will now give you an overview of what is needed to play what my partner and I call "Fast Full Burst":

1. Strategy:

Mainly the strategy is to control the game. We do this by learning the location of the every spawn-point on the map (what kind, how many enemies will spawn there and in what order). Then we take our very powerful weapons to kill them quickly, rushing from spawn-point to spawn-point. We do NOT wait for the enemies to come to us. We go to them because the faster they spawn the sooner the mission can be completed. There is no fear on our part because we are the "threat" in this game! Of course, we are always looking to find faster ways to finish each and every mission.

Beside the control-part in the game, its all about full burst and evade cancel to controll the output of our weapons as technique and fast-paced-play-style while evadeing forward most time and use the movement that is needed to make full burst playable to our advantage for speed up the levelprogression.

By focusing a lot on the fast movement in this primer dont forgett or ignore, that some levels like The Prison or V-3 are played fast by taking the right position to spot out the spawnpionts and hold it for a time.

2. Lv. 100 Weapon with 30 Times Maximized Capacity

We think that all the Machine Pistols and Assault Rifles are not worth using because you can get Magnums, Shotguns, and Sniper Rifles with similar or faster Firing Rates when shooting them Full Burst. "Damage per Bullet" and the percentage to trigger Fire Ammo (or other elemental ammo) are higher when shot Full Burst..

So here are the weapon types with which we play:

Magnums are our main weapons and we will bring along two of them. The models that best fit our fast paced play-style are the Python and the Model 329. The Anaconda and the Pale Rider are too slow and the 2005M is too weak. The preferred tags are [Speed Shot], [Steady Shot], and the "named versions" of these weapons because we want a fast Firing Rate. In addition, 5-6 slots are necessary. Also, we can benefit from the quick aiming (not going into scope) of this particular type of weapon.

Sniper Rifles are good for many situations and are needed for some stages or particular enemies. Full Burst works best with the Muramasa (has ZERO recoil in any variant) and the M1891/30. The SVD is crap because Full Burst will not work. Preferred tags are [Speed Shot], [Steady Shot], and the "named versions" because we want a Firing Rate of 0.66+ so that the weapon has a fast and powerful output. Of course, 5-6 Slots are necessary. The only downside is that we have to go into the scope for every shot, thus slowing us down. This is felt mostly during "Weekend Survivor" Events when we are required to complete all 30 missions.

AMR ???: I dont have experience with this weapon playing it full burst but cooping with others that played it beside me makes me think following:

It looks and feels strong but slow wioth a strong recoil. Dont want to change my Shotgun or Zaytsev/Muramasa with it. But there are situations, in that it seems a good choice. When enemies spawn fast all over the screen like V-2 (Underwater) or the end of V-6 (Catacombs) and some others. Thats when the "slow" output becomes strong. Other SR are empty after seconds but enemies still spawn. The AMR keeps firing and uses the Fire Ammo in a better way then.

In Result it feels very situative to me and i dont miss it. I will give it a try when i find a playable one and add the experience later on.

Shotguns are welcome when it comes to the bigger enemies or those with shields. Instead of wasting our Magnum Bullets, we will shoot a Napad in their face and melt them down. We focus on Firing Rate and Reload Speed. This sounds simple, but when you reload you cannot shoot.

The M147S is fast in reloading and has a fine Firing Rate. The Hydra lacks Firepower but with the right Tag ([Speed Shot], [Steady Shot], [Short Range+] and the "named versions"), it is quiet usable. The Firing Rate of the Drake is too slow and I really do not like the TAP194 due to its slow reloading. On the downside, we must get close to our target which means we must sometimes run to the enemy instead of running closer to the next gate or coin. The upside is the fast kill that a shotgun does - quick and efficient!

Because we use Full Burst weapons we have to deal with recoil issues. Magnums are easy due to the Anti-Recoil part, but it does not fit on all our other weapons. We have to practice the usage of SR and Shotgun (or hope to get a tagged version with [Steady Shot]).

3. Weapon Tags, Slots and Parts

We prefer Tags that give a bonus to Capacity and Firing Rate ([Steady Shot], [Speed Shot] and of course the "named versions")! The "named versions" give a bonus to Damage (about 30%) and Firing Rate (about 9%). This damage-boost reduces the amount of bullets needed to bring the enemies down quickly...and we want to play as fast as possible! We do not use [Sonic Assist] due to its reduced reach.

6-Slots are the best, but it is not easy to find really good weapons with 6-Slots in Rev2. I still have no better Anti-Materiel Rifles then the 4-Slot basic I found after 700 hours of playtime. Also, one of my "Event Shotguns" just has 4-Slots. I recommend taking it easy in the beginning. Playing "Fast Full Burst", in most cases, weapons need 5-Slots (except for the shotgun).

The Recommend Parts:

1. Full Burst - The part that shoots out all the ammo available in the magazine as fast as it can.

2. Capacity (15+) - The part needed to get enough bullets (the higher the better).

3. BSAA - Even more bullets and Firing Rate.

4. Fire Ammo (9+) - We think it is essential and a key part for fast play. Enemies do not begin to crouch or survive with 1 HP. Crouching enemies behind objects must be hunted down and shot again. The Rotten (zombies) with 1 HP may surprise you terribly. Both are time-eaters and make the game harder to control. Glasps burn down when hit and do not jump around after every shot you make. When we shoot an enemy, it must be down and gone. Also, with most shots that we do, Fire Ammo saves ammo by stacking a strong damage elemental on to enemies.

5. Homing Ammo (6+) - Our movement is very fast and we "hunt the hunters" by killing them at their spawn-points as soon as their health bar appears. In this regard, Homing Ammo is really helpful, but as far as we know it cancels the effect of Piercing and decreases the chance of Critical Hits.

6. Anti-Recoil (5) - Used just for Magnums so as to control them while firing.

7. Damage (16+) - The part we use instead of BSAA when our Capacity part is high (18+).


Magnums (as our primary weapons, we carry 2 of them):

Full Burst, Anti-Recoil, Capacity, Fire Ammo, Homing Ammo, BSAA/Damage

Shotgun (one of our secondaries):

Full Burst, Focus, Capacity, Fire Ammo, BSAA, Close-Range/Damage

Sniper Rifle (one of our secondaries):

Full Burst, Homing Ammo, Capacity, Fire Ammo, Extended Burn, Long-Range/Damage

4. The Abilities Needed:

Passive Abilities:

Evade Cancel - Inherited from Albert Wesker, it is needed to cancel the Full Burst and control your "bulletstorm". It is also one of three keys to our fast movement. We do not have to wait on animations to finish (reloads, gestures, guarding a position after our Co-Op partner has thrown his Explosive Bottle to help out, etc.)

Can't Catch Me - Inherited from Jill/Claire, it decreases evasion recovery time by 20/60 seconds. It speeds things up a lot because we are evading a lot. Quite essential!

Evade Extension - Inherited from Jill, this is used when you run a far distance to recover from running and get tired. Evading while pushing forwards on the left stick 4 times will get you to where your character can run again, not losing time. In addition, we can move out of reach from random elite spawns/explosions or get quickly get close to an enemy for a shotgun kill.

Weapon Masteries - Naturally, you take those for the weapon-types with witch we are playing. This should be 3 (Magnum Master, Shotgun Master, and Sniper Rifle Master) and it will give you the necessary bullet counts. On some stages it is good to have something to reload. Because we do not waste time to opening Ammo Boxes.

Active Abilities:

Coat of Amor - Inherited from Chris, it is very useful for our "shotgun play" and helps us to stay aggressive when Elites spawn in our way. Throw on the Coat of Armor and walk on through them.

The other 3-Slots are free. I play the abilities below but mainly for events.

Rocket Launcher - Inherited from Chris, Jill, or Barry, the "overpowered launcher"... We only use it for Events.

Electric Bottles - Inherited from Albert Wesker (and some others), it reduces the armor of the Uroboros, Mutant Pedro and Scagdeads. Mainly used for events.

Ice Bottles - Inherited from Claire (and some others), freezing enemies is sometimes helpful. Mainly used during Level Restricted Challenges.

Thank-you for reading and please feel free to add further information. Maybe one of the really good snipers online who has the time to post would post something about their play-style and setup.

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