Larry 1: Antworten auf die 18er-Fragen

Antworten auf die 18er-Fragen

von: The_Soulman / 07.08.2001 um 16:01

Frage Antwort
"Tiptoe Through the Tulips" was recorded by c Tiny Tim
"Where's the..." c beef?!
A nehru jacket is b out of date
Bourbon Street is in d New Orleans, Louisi
Calvin Klein is c a clothing designer
Captain Kangaroo's sidekick was d Mr. Greenjeans
Charlie McArthy and d Edgar Bergen
Does a pair of queens beat 3 deuces? a Yes, in Blackjack
Herb Alpert and the ____ Brass? a Tijuana
How many molecules are there in a glass of water? d as many as there ar
I find computer games with adult content b acceptable
If a physician were on an island with Bo Derek, he woul d thank God
If Bo Derek were here, I'd ask her to d stop playing comput
It's not nice to fool b mother nature
Joe Dimaggio played b Baseball
Lee Harvey killed c John F. Kennedy
Mohammed Ali is c a professional boxe
Peter Piper picked pickled c peppers
Sergent Pepper was c the leader of the l
The largest state is b Alaska
The last name of Annette (on the Mickey Mouse Club) was c Funicello
The most effective form of birth control is a abstinence
The most likely place to find virgins is c St. Mary's Girl's S
The most populous city in the US is c New York
The result of Watergate was c Richard Nixon quit
Utah is full of d none of the above
When playing Monopoly you b must own 4 houses b
Which is non-alcoholic c Perrier
Which is not a car? d Toshiba
Which is not a cheese? d Reisling
Which is not a city in Mexico? c San Diego
Which is not an American armed force? d the national league
Which is not in Hawaii? c Fiji
Who has not been US attourney general? b Sam Shepard
Who is buried in Grants tomb? d Mrs. Grant
Who was not a famous musician? d Tom Garvey
Who was not a politician? c W.C. Fields
Who was not an astronaut? a John Milton
Who was the leader of Nazi Germany? d Adolf Hitler
Who wrote "To be or not to be"? a Will. Shakespeare

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